Noemi Mendez – N. Y. Time Travel Section Assignment

This article On the Road? You Can Still Eat Like It’s Thanksgiving” by Charu Suri Elaine Glusac published in the travel section of the New York Times talked about how international countries are implementing, attracting and offering to a Thanksgiving Dinner to Americans in a foreign country. I believe that this is a unique idea for those who has a small family and wants to do something different with their family outside of the United States. One of the country’s that offered a Thanksgiving dinner is Jamaica that is offer a buffet meal with turkey, chicken, ribs, fish and local desserts. Another country that the writer speaks about is In Porto Montenegro that offer a four course meal that included slow-cooked turkey breast served with a local pasta, tangerine relish and cabbage. A third international country that the writer mention is Hong Kong who served boxes with roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy, trimmings and desert as dinner. To finish the article, the writer also talked about domestic resorts that are offering the same Thanksgiving dinner to the Americans locally. For me this is cheaper because in a way you are saving on international expensive flights that would offer the same service locally and not matter what country you’re in, it will not be the same because this a tradition of the United States.


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