Noemi Mendez Chapter #11 “Gaming Entertainment”

This chapter talked about the history of the gaming industry in which is considered one of the most significant developments in the hospitality industry for last three decades. There are two types of gambling: the social gambling in which people bet against each other and mercantile gambling in which people bet against an organization. The chapter also talked about the different types of casino operations and the evolution of gambling and casino. Like the hotel, food and beverage, casino, retail, entertainment and the mirage effect. This chapter finalize with the focus on the sustainability in gaming entertainment, career information and the trends in the gaming entertainment industry.

Key Words and Concepts:

Baccarat– Example: The baccarat game is a game of cards and it is very famous in the casino resorts.

Blackjack – Example: The blackjack is a table game with cards. The objective is to score a particular amount total to win.

Casino resort – Example: People love to travel to Las Vegas to gambles in the casino resorts.

Comp – Example: When a customer received a bad service the casino usually offer comp to the customer like a special accommodations.

Craps – Example: A table game with dice to score a certain amount total of numbers to win.

Gambling– Example: Maria love to gambling at the casino every month.

Handle – Example: Handle is the total amount of money that people bet in a gambling game.

Hold percentage– Example: Casinos obtain their profit from the hold percentage that people bet in the organization.

Poker – Example: The poker game is a social and mercantile gambling game that can be play between individuals or an organization.

Roulette– Example: The roulette is a mercantile gambling game that is play in an organization.

Win– Example: When people

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