Noemi Mendez – N.Y. Times Travel Section Assignment

The article: “How to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Road Trip” by Stephanie Rosenbloom published on travel section in the New York Times was a very interesting article to read because its talked about how to enjoy a long ride trip in a car with special equipment’s that could fit the needs and relaxation of your family while traveling a long ride in the car. Some of the electronic equipment’s that Ms. Rosenbloom mention in this articles are the Handpresso Auto Expreso which allow you make coffee. The second equipment is the portable stove where you can re-heat prep cook food. The third equipment is the Plaid Electric Blanket that keep you warm. The fourth equipment is the PowerCup Inverter that allowed you to charge any electronic equipment’s in the car and the last electronic equipment is that she mentions is the SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II where you can listen to music, videos, movies, and take incoming call on your phone wireless. Some of the non-electronics’ equipment’s that she mentions are the organizers High Road Kids-Large Food’nFun Organizer and the High Road PadPockets Tablet Holder and Car Seat Organizer. She also mentions the Yeti Rambler Tumbler stainless cup that keep the temperature of a hot or cold drink for a long time. The Grand Truck Travel Pillow, Hooded in which I love because its help you to diminish the noise of passengers, block light and it also a pillow for your neck. While I was reading this articles, I can fit the need of my children and partner with each these electronic and non-electronic equipment’s that was mention. If every passenger is entertain you can have a more enjoyable ride in your car.

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