Noemi Mendez N.Y Times Travel Section Assignment

The article “Danny Meyer Restaurants to Eliminate Tipping” by Pete Wells published in the travel section of the New York Time is an article that is very controversial. The writer talked about how Mr. Danny Meyer an owner of many restaurants wants to eliminate the employee tips and add a surcharges of 20% to the bill of the customers that will allow to distribute a fare pay to all his employees, especially those who work on the kitchen like the dishwasher, dining room managers and the cooks. Mr. Meyer, also claimed that by eliminating the tips from the restaurants, its will beneficial to all his employees because sometimes the front of the house workers are discriminate by their appearances, race, age and sometimes by the customers moods when serving the customers. Mr. Meyer claimed that it is unfair because this doesn’t have to do nothing with their performance in the front of the house. In addition he claimed, that he have the back up of his employees when they understand the concept because is the right thing to do for the team.

I believe that by eliminating the tips in the restaurant would be very unfair to the front of the house. Even though that Mr. Meyer have a good intention of distributing a fare pay to all his employees in the restaurant, I think that this would be very unfair because the salary among all employees are different depending of their position in the restaurant from the executive chef to the cook. I also believe, that by eliminating the waiter’s tips some owners of restaurants could take advantage of the salary tips and pay what they want to their employee or use the tips to pay the employees’ salary. Usually, in some Hispanic restaurant the waiters only get pay a salary of $25 dollars a day and with the tips of the customers is how they compensate there salary in the week. I also believe that some customers will not be very happy by paying a 20% more of what they consumed in the restaurant because tips are a way of appreciation in a service and if they don’t like the service that they received in the restaurant the tips will go down. So it very important for owners to really think if this would benefit all employees or only the back in the house with the elimination of tips and the increase of customers bill by 20% of what they consume in the restaurant.

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