Experiential Learning Assignment

This is where you will ‘claim’ your concierge attraction no later than 11:59pm on 10/29. Include a brief statement as to why this site is significant to the culture of New York including a reference. Make sure it’s not something from the following list:

1. Empire State Building (& Top of the Rock)
2. Statue of Liberty
3. Chrysler Building
4. Central Park (the whole park can’t be a ‘site’)
5. The High Line
6. Trinity Church
7. Flatiron Building
8. Battery Park (the whole park can’t be a ‘site’)
9. 5th Avenue Shopping
10. SoHo Shopping
11. Apple Store
12. Staten Island Ferry
13. Times Square
14. Wall Street
15. Rockefeller Center
16. Radio City Music Hall
17. 9/11 Memorial/Ground Zero
18. Brooklyn Bridge
19. South Street Seaport
20. Union Square
21. Grand Central
22. The Intrepid
23. United Nations
24. The Apollo Theatre
25. St. Patrick’s Cathedral
26. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
27. TKTS
28. Anything else in Times Square that is uber popular…
29. Ellis Island
30. Chelsea Market

– No restaurants can be a site unless it is historical
– None of the big museums: MoMA, The Met, Natural History, Guggenheim
– Neighborhoods are not sites (e.g. Chinatown, West Village).

24 thoughts on “Experiential Learning Assignment

  1. Erick T

    I would like to research roosevelt island, because of the history, and the isolation, beauty it has. Once called welfare island, it houses a lighthouse, a tram that connects into manhattan, and a great view of manhattan

  2. London

    My concierge claim is, “Carnegie Hall!”
    Since the 1800’s, until present day, Carnegie Hall has been the staple of where you would find musical excellence in NYC. Carnegie has housed many musicians and their different genre’s of music, as well as other types of events. Carnegie continues to resonate as an intricate part of the NYC’s cultural fabric and is the world’s most famous concert hall.


  3. Joe

    I am claiming “Life Underground”, a permanent art work created by the American Artist Tom Otterness for the 14 Street-eighth avenue station of the New York City subway.

  4. Rosa

    I will be claiming “Pier 66 Maritime” an outdoor seating bar & grill with the amazing view of the waterfront. Pier 66 Maritime has a history of several honorable service ships. They bring people together to experience this historic scenery, and are determined to preserve it.

    1. cecebezou

      I am claiming Madison Square Garden.
      I have always wondered how Madison Square Garden earned its name even though it is nowhere near Madison Square Park or Madison. How did the recession affected the revenue and popularity at Madison Square Garden

  5. Victoria A. Gaston

    I am claiming the High Line. I feel like this landmark in New York City is still very significant due to the fact that its an old abandon railway that was brought back to life and designed into what we all know now as the High Line Park. I also live right up the block from it, so I have grown up with the High Line being my neighbor.

    1. Victoria A. Gaston

      I’m actually going to claim Hotel Chelsea!
      I’m claiming this site because of its history and the “haunted” history the hotels has; also because of the architecture of the hotel itself, the collaboration of the “Queen Anne Revival” and “Victorian Gothic” style of the hotel. It’s another famous landmark that is within my neighborhood!

      (sorry, I thought the list above were some things we could use!)

  6. Mariama Bah

    I am claiming Green Acre Park. New York City is well known for its people, some food, late nights, loud street and etc but Green Acre Park is one of those places that you can just escape from it all with a beautiful hidden waterfall for those summer days.

  7. Daniella Martinez

    I am claiming the Roosevelt Island Tramway on 59th St. I’ve recently discovered it’s existence, and it’s way of transporting people seems very unique. No wonder so may foreigners would want to travel on an aerial-mode of transit.

  8. Noemi Mendez

    Noemi Mendez- For my Concierge Marketing Assignment I am claiming The Bronx Zoo. I believe that tourist/ travelers could learn the historic of animals by having a live interactive experience and having a good time with their children.

  9. Arian Florez

    I am claiming Pier 62 skatepark as I feel it is one of the few places that embraces skating culture and allows people to practice their craft. You don’t have to be in NYC long to see that many of the streets aren’t all too cutout for skateboarding. Also I feel its a different culture than the rest of the city and it gives me the opportunity to research more about the park itself in the process.



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