Deven G. – NYT article

In this weeks New York times article, i came upon an interesting source called, ‘5 ways to save on holiday fares’. This article tells us 5 ways we can save on holiday fares, beginning with people whom travel throughout Thanksgiving. According to Hopper, fares for thanksgiving will begin to increase after the 15th of November. Second, one way to save on fares during thanksgiving weekend is to buy a fare on thanksgiving day. Third, November 6th and 7th are the best dates to puchase new years and christmas fares, according to Orbitz. Lastly, the most expensive holiday fares are December 26th- 27th, and January 2nd-3rd.

This source is very useful, especially for those whom have family outside of where they live. I’m amazed by this because now i have the capability of actually saving money on fares and i’ve learned when it is best to purchase fares.

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