Christine Delva Chapter 4 Summary

Christine Delva
Professor Duchamp
October 26, 2015

Chapter four is based on the major roles of division in food and beverage department. There are many operations that help the business goes smooth such as: catering, room service, restaurant, and etc by this will build a strong foundation. In the industry a successful business with a great operation must a great leader to lead the employees holding up their end of responsibilities. Paying attention and keeping tabs on every sales in business help know every gross revenue in your business. Guest satisfaction are main focus point and mandatory element in successful business.
Key Words
1)Banquet – My baby shower was held at Remsen Banquet Hall with full services caters.
2)Banquet Event Order- Sequencing and organizing are all important details to have successful banquet event order which will consist of menus, people attending, decorations and staffs.
3)Brigade- The brigade is a team of cooks working at different preparing different food.
4). Capture Rate- Sonia sweet sixteen at Crystal Manor are expecting maximum of 150 guests.
5)Catering- The Chen family had their daughter’s wedding catered by an excellent business that specialized in Asian cuisine.
6)Catering Coordinator- Majority engaged couples will hired catering coordinator to handle everything to have less stress and focus on the wedding.
7)Catering Event Order- They organized blueprints to show how the menus, seat arrangements and decorators should be done.
8)Catering Service Manager- The chief or boss of catering service department for any hotels or restaurants.
9)Chef Tournant- Is the chef reliever when the cook need a break from time to time.
10)Chief Steward- The chief steward is responsible for the back of the house to be spotless and control all inventories.
11)Classroom Style Seating- In business meeting or conventions chairs placement in classroom style seating facing podium.
12).Contribution Margin- The profitability of products from the selling price and food cost to provide the concept of contribution margin.
13)Dinner Style Seating-Private Catering events usually use dinner style seating for the parties to know number invitations to send out.
14)Director of Catering- the general manager for specially events making sure everything is order.
15)Executive Chef – We sat at the Sushi Restaurant and watch the executive operating and have control of the kitchen. Yet still manage to prepare few dishes for family and me.
16)Food Cost Percentage- The price of food and the time to make the food is how we get daily sale percentage.
17)Food Sale Percentage- Farmers laver cost and producing the world necessity to make a living helps determine the food sale percentage.
18)Horseshoes Style room Seating- Talent shows or performance would use horse style room seating for the audience to grasp a great view of everything.
19)Kitchen Manager- The kitchen Manager dictates how each operations within the kitchen should be run and what is expected from staff members.
20)Labor Cost Percentage- It’s the calibration of revenue and sales from the time consuming of work done which deliberate the right of labor cost percentage.
21)Perpetual Inventories- A system business use to help maintain control and structuring of the cost of food.
22)Pilfering- Travelers from all over the world staying in hotels have tendency to take lotions, towels or robes when they leaving the hotel to go back country.
23)Pour/Cost Percentage – The pour/ cost is base on the inventory of drinks whether in the bar or restaurant to determine the sale done for each month will give you the percentage made.
24)Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service- Bartenders are in charge of to check for idenfication before service alcohol so he/ she won’t be responsible for anything that happen in place of business.
25)Restaurant Manager-the general manager of all the division and operation in the restaurant are followed by specific rules and regulations.
26)Room Service- People usually order room service because they don’t want to leave the room and they are requesting something.
27)Shopper- Manager Tonya is trying improve her business, she hires a shopper to view what changes can be made.
28)Sous Chef- When the head chef is on vacation, then sous chef become temporary head of kitchen until the head chef returns.
29)Station Chef-The station chef is responsible for particular specialty dish at the restaurant.
30)Theater Style Room Seating- Beautiful orchestra band perform above a theater style room seating.

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