Noemi Mendez Chapter #4 “Food and Beverage Operation”

This chapter focus on the different departments division that operate and are involved in the food and beverage operation. Some of the most common business that are involved in the food and beverage operation are the hotel, catering, restaurants, room service and bars. For each business to be successful in the industry of food and beverage division its must have a good leader that that know how to train and lead all the staff that work under his/her umbrella with their specific responsibilities in the food and beverage division.

Key Words and Concepts:

Banquet – Example: I and my family enjoy to go to the Chinese buffet and enjoy the banquet with different kind of food.

Banquet event order (BEO) – Example: Is also known as the catering event order that provide the hotel personnel with essential information of successful event.

Brigade – Example: Is a chef that specialize in one task on the kitchen. Like sauce, fish, soup, cold lander and ect….

Capture rate – Example: Is an estimation of the numbers of expected guests that will visit the restaurant for any meal.

Catering – Example: Is the division in the hotel department that is responsible of the food and beverage.

Catering Coordinator – Example: Is responsible of planning a successful event in the hotel catering.

Catering event order (CEO) – Example: Is also known as the banquet event order that provide the hotel personnel with essential information of successful event.

Catering service manager (CSM) – Example: Is the head of the catering service department.

Chef tournant – Example: Anahis is my chef tournant in the restaurant that is capable of dismiss any chef from his station and take over his/her duties.

Chief steward – Example: The Chief steward is making sure that all the rooms in the hotel are cleaned.

Classroom-style seating – Example: The conference room look like a classroom with small tables and chairs for customers to take notes.

Contribution margin – Example: Is a system that help calculate the cost of a preparing item and its selling price.

Dinner-style room seating – Example: The reunion meeting was performed in a small room hotel with a capacity of 10 peoples that is arrange with a round table at the center in the room.

Director of catering (DOC) – Example: Yaniris is the director of catering at the Unique Bar’s Restaurant that is responsible for the success of each catering meeting and the customers’ needs with food and beverage that will generate a reasonable profit to my restaurant.

Director of food and beverage – Example: My friend Jazmin is the director of food and beverage department at the Unique Bar’s Restaurant and is responsible for the operation of the kitchen bar.

Executive chef – Example: One day, I will become the executive chef of my own restaurant.

Food cost percentage – Example: The food cost percentage is a formula that allow to calculate the total cost of food sold by the total of food sales.

Food sales percentage – Example: Is the percentage of the amount of convenience foods purchased versus those made from scratch.

Horseshoe-style room seating – Example: When I was at the conference in Miami, the room meeting was arrange for us to interact between each other. It has a black, flip chart, overhead project that were used for the workshop and training section.

Kitchen manager – Example: If I have an issue with the food, I will like to talk to the kitchen manager.

Labor cost percentage – Example – Is a formula to calculate the labor cost of an employee. (Labor cost/net sales *100 = )

Perpetual inventory – Example: The perpetual inventory software will always calculate the food cost per outlet and calculate the profit of the menu costing.

Pilferage – Example: Mike was fire from Bon Bars because he was stealing or tamper with liquor from the business.

Pour/cost percentage – Example: Is a system that calculate the efficiency of a business and help reduced labor costs.

Responsible alcoholic beverage service – Example: All my bar employees need to be train in Responsible alcoholic beverage service to prevent any type of liability that will damage the business with drunk and potential minor’s customers.

Restaurant manager – Example: The restaurant manager was calming an angry customers that was not satisfy with the waitress behavior at the table.

Room Service – Example: All the guests expected excellent services during their stay at the hotel.

Shopper – Example: Destiny and Bruce are professionals undercover to will go to the bars and watch the operation and the employee behavior in the business.

Sous Chef – Example: The sous chef is interviewing a potential hostess.

Station Chef – Example: The fish chef is cutting the fishes in his station.

Theater-Style room seating – Example: The room in the hotel was arrange like a theater with a big image projections and center room chairs.




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