Jazmin Rodriguez – New York Times Travel Section Assignment

This week I read an article about Crystal Cruises written by Shivani Vora. In this article, the author talks about this luxury cruise line that currently sails to all seven continents and that  recently announced an aggressive expansion plan for its 25th anniversary this year.  The cruise line Chief Executive Ms. Edie Rodriguez, gives details in an interview with the author, about the reasons behind their idea to expand and how it was motivated by their guests. She stated that about 50 percent are repeat customer and they were pushing them for more vacation options in their style.

Chief Executive Rodriguez is commissioning three new crafts to be built for Crystal’s core fleet. In this ambitious plan there will be a yacht making its first appearance this coming December with a trip around the Seychelles Islands. The yacht will have a submarine that will hold three people including the captain and that will go as deep as 1,000 feet underneath the water. For this adventure, they are going to offer 30 minutes excursions inside of it, and they are promising their customers a view of sea life in a way that they have never seen before. In 2017 they will launch a non water adventure, A Boeing 787 Dreamliner for 60 guests that will fly on 28- day itineraries to remote destinations around the world and a plane for 14 days trips.

Ms. Rodriguez also mentioned that ships are spending more nights docked in ports to give travelers more time to explore and the addition of fewer midnight buffets with more healthier options.

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