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Christine Delva

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Chapter 3


  In this chapter Hotels have many goals throughout their business but the main importance is satisfaction of both the guest and staff employees. Hotels are consists with many things such as corridors, parking lot and main lobby entrance, where you would be in the main floor also known as the central reservation office. Hotels are run by general manager and other committees. The hotel has different department such as room division, food and beverage and human resource.  Each department plays a role but the important part to me is Housekeeping. They have certain software to help their business grow because the hotel reflects on the general manager. Also the hotels must strategies and back-up plan to efficient business.  Hotel business interests are not only making profit. They want the visitor to their first priority is providing safety is important. By this the visitor will compare their stay from hotels. Also spread the good experience to other as well.

Key Words

1). Average Daily Rate- If a hotel has average daily revenue over a calendar of 26,000 and has 260 rooms available per day. The ADR would be $100.

2). Calling Accounting System-  In the Marriot hotel, every guest that stay at hotel has no limit on the amount calls, but thanks to CAS system in the company will be able to track and calculate the phone charge per room.

3). Central Reservation Service- The CRS connects the inventory and website so you as GM/ Front Desk Manager can promote or push  a range of room, rate and promotion to guest who book online.

4). Revenue Center- All hotels generate their revenue through sales of good and services such as room department and food /beverage department.

5). Catastrophe Plan- Airbnb on water or near water must have inflatable safety boats in case there is massive flood to ensure the guest safety.

6). Uniform Staff- Uniform company requirements for employees involved in service and delivery functions with customers and business partners

7). Executive Committee- In a business, executive committee empowered to exercise the authority of the full board when the board is not in session.  They have to act quickly in an emergency whenever and decisive action is called for.

8). Employee Right to Know- Every business all employees has the right to know the chemicals to which they may be exposed in their daily living.

9).Cost Center- The cost center contacted the administrator of the business to go over accounting standards useage only at normal day to day basis.

10).Room Division- Rooms Division is the department within a hotel that includes that has many branches under it as well where they work as one to control the function sales.

11). OSHA-Compliance with using OSHA in your business along with implementing and well-designed safety program can save money.

12). Productivity-A company can increase its own business productivity by making suitable changes in its business process and policies in order to improve the weak areas and capitalize on strengths for betterment.

13). Concierge-Concierge help the customers needs by providing services  such as: reservations for patrons, obtain tickets for events,  provide information about local features( shopping and recreational destinations).

14). Yield Management- Traveling to Haiti is amazing vacation. I usually take my vacation in August but I purchase my tickets in January to get better price rate rather buying tickets one month before departure date.

15). Room Rates- During peak season room rates increase rapidly compare to other months. In New York peak season are September to November.

16). Application Service Provider- It is a third party that provide service and solution to customers. Example = Vertical Market provide support to specific induitstry such as healthcare.

17). Central Reservation Office – The CRO handles calls from the from 1800  numbers which aallows the encounter sales of the room.

18). City Legder –  The city ledger in located at back of the house where the account department keep track who registered

19). Room Occupancy Percentage- The ROP provides an average number when divide the rooms booked to room not booked.

20). Confirmed Reservation- Lindsay’s Bridal Shower guest list confirmed reservation email was received time to make the day memorable.

21).Daily Report- All the room division departments managers are required yo provided daily report of daily agendas.

22). Global Distribution System – My family and I booked our hotel reservation through the GDS to make sure we were luxuruy suite.

23). Guaranteed Reservations -Airport usually advice their passenger to confirm their flight 24 hours before departure date so you can be guaranteed a seat.

24). Night Auditor- If you want to become a night auditor, you must have a minimum one year of hotel front desk supervisory experience, experience handling cash, accounting procedures, and general administrative tasks.

25). Property Management System- The PMS is the head system that hotel operations used to gather information from all minor system generating in the hotel business.

26). Revenue Management-  Many hotels have different prices for different seasons that’s because they want to reach the peak point between number of guest and amount money willing to spend.

27). Revenue Per Available Room- RevPAR is an important metric because it provides a quick, simple overview of a company’s top-line operations in a form that incorporates both room rates and occupancy. 

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