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Carlos Amaro- N.Y. Times Travel Section Assignment #1

In the article ‘ What New Rules Means for Travel to Cuba” the author discusses the rapidly changing legal regime surrounding travel by American citizens to the island nation of Cuba. As a result of the recent rapprochement between the historically antagonistic nations there has been a loosening of travel restrictions on Americans visiting the island and a broadening of the legally sanctioned categories under which travel is permissible. The author goes into precise detail on how said legal changes are for example allowing American cruise lines and airlines to travel directly to Cuba and maintain active operations there. They also speak to the expansion of categorical license in travel to Cuba, so that now American citizens can visit simply if they have family on the island. They also are given license if they report that they have a vague professional, educational or religious goal behind there visit.
This article particularly intrigued me because as a person who for many years lived in South Florida, where a plurality of the nation’s Cuban-American population lives, this current state affairs would of been considered a miracle of sorts. Few people, including myself, would of thought there would of been such a expeditious tidal shift in policy on the part of the American government, but I can honestly that I am proud of how swiftly the U.S. government has abandoned its previous antiquated Cold War policy with respect to Cuba. Although in the article it states that Americans still cannot travel for purely touristic reasons, the twelve delineated categories of permissible travel allow enough room for the vast majority of current would-be travelers to obtain legal entrance. It is this progressive development that makes me personally look on with optimism at the future of the relations between both countries and the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead for the hospitality industry.

Jazmin Rodriguez-N.Y. Times Travel Section Assignment

A Computer Problem Delays American Airlines Flights

By Jad Mouawad

 I found this to be an interesting article, but also led me to think how technology has its pros and cons. For instance, recently American Airlines has been under loop because of its problems with its network connectivity that affected various computer systems: website and airport-check in counters area in three of its major hubs. In addition, the airline faced problems in the flight dispatch software that pilots have on their ipads. I see how this particular instance, a network problem resulted in major flight delays and cancellations. Nowadays, technology represent a major component of most of people’s daily activities, which makes me believe that this matter should be addressed as a serious matter. American Airlines has built and maintained a good reputation throughout the years. However, in this case its reputation has been affected after moving to a single reservation system upon merging with US Airways. This has highly affected a greater amount of passengers with persistent problems that often leads to cancellations and delays.

Airlines companies should be prepared to face technological issues. United Airways also encountered issues when in July, a faulty computer routed prevented from checking in passengers grounding its fleet. Finally, it can be said that technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Merging with another company can affect the company’s reputation either positively or negatively.

Travel Section Assignment – Mariama B.

Article: Hotels Fight Back Against Sites Like Expedia and Priceline – Aaron M. Kessler and Julie Weed.

When booking a hotel room for your next trip we tend to turn towards sites like Expedia and Priceline because of the commercials on TV and advertisement that are constantly being shown, but hotels aren’t too happy with that. When you book from this sites the hotels are automatically required to give part of the commission to the websites. Certain hotels have found new ways to make customers steer away from the online sites and book directly with them.  They are offering perks such as rewards points, digital check-in options, free meals, WIFI, and even picking  your own room. I mean if I could pick my own room just by booking with the hotel I would. Of course its easier said than done because hotels lose money either way. Booking online guarantees a customer a cheaper price then booking directly with the hotels and hotel aren’t allowed to because of the contracts they have with these online booking sites. Expedia lately has been on a huge takeover, they now own travelocity and an Australian booking site and is in the works of picking up Orbitz. From the hotels stand point they say if Expedia continues to grow it won’t be the hotel that have to pay for it but the consumers(us). Amy Klobuchar the senator of Minnesota states “The whole idea of cheaper hotels is very good, but if it all starts to come under one company, you can easily foresee the situation where they can charge higher commission that are then passed on to consumers.” Of course Expedia disagrees with this statement but it’s a debate that is still being settled and both parties both have valid points.


travel section-What New Rules Means for Travel to Cuba–Zhigang Gao

Gao, Zhigang                                                       HMGT 1101

9/24/15                                                                Pro. DUCHAMP

Cuba is a beautiful country, I have urge to travel around in Cuba. So every news about Cuba I interested in it.  According to the article, ” What New Rules Means for Travel to Cuba.” by Victoria burnett described some new rules for tourism who will visit Cuba. American can go to cuba without having a permission, but have to fit into 12 categories, for instance, visits relatives, professional research or journalistic and there forth. However, tourism still can’t fly to Cuba on a commercial carrier, they need fly through third country to Cuba. But they can go there by cruise. Havana is the most popular city in Cuba, hotel always overbooked and only few travel agency offer booking service like Cubania Travel and Trip Advisor. In addition, most of place don’t process credit card payment. so it would be wise bring cash, if you travel to Cuba, it may be a good idea to take British Pounds and Euros, which get a better exchange rate in Cuba than the United States dollar. another important policy is American can now bring back up to $400 in souvenirs. In my opinion, those new rules good to know, make our trip more smooth and make less mistake.


Noemi Mendez – N. Y. Time Travel Section Assignment

The article Air and Rail Travel News: “Remodeled Planet at British Airways” by Elaine Glusac published in the travel section of the New York Time has its pros and cons. I consider this article very interesting, because it makes the passengers more comfortable in long flights with new seat cushions, Panasonic entertainment system and seat with access to a power outlets to connect electronic devices for those who would like to during the flights. This is very good for people who travel very long distances flights, because they will have entertainment, be more relaxed and comfortable whiles riding a jumbo plane.

The downside of this article, is that this type of makeover is only for jumbo plane who are traveling very long distance flights: London to Boston; Chicago; Dubai; Kuwait; Largos, Nigeria; and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Another downside, is that only the British Airways company is the one with the makeover. I consider that all airlines companies should acquiring the same new equipment and technology on their airplanes, no matter the distance of a flights. Passengers should be entitled to the same accommodations while traveling to different places. Nowadays, traveling is expensive and instead of accustomed their passengers with good experiences while traveling, there are some airlines that are depriving their passengers with limited services like food on short distance flight.

NYT Travel Section

Title: René Redzepi Plans To Close Noma And Reopen It As An Urban Farm

Mr. Redzepi, whose known to have a very influential restaurant named Noma, has quite the determination to go out of his comfort zone to reopen the restaurant as an urban farm. Redzepi came across an auditorium-sized empty warehouse. The inside walls were covered with street art and teenagers also used the inside space as a skating rink. Redzepi plans on closing Noma after a New Year’s service in 2016. He plans to reopen the following year with new alterations. Mr. Redzepi wants to transform the empty area into “a state-of the- art urban farm”, with Noma at it’s center. Redzepi envisions great outcomes for this renovation. Apparently, when a restaurant  owns it’s own farm, it goes to show the desire of a chef to have total control of the ingredients. As a matter of fact, he plans on creating seasonal menus and have vegetarian foods throughout the hotter seasons. The article states that the drastic change has not been driven by necessity, but rather to create evolution.

Christine Travel Summary #1

At Toronto Restaurant, Unfussy but Fish Aplenty… September 11, 2015

I choose this article because it had interested title and the picture of the food caught my attention. “A pan -seared fish with dill mayonnaise and coleslaw”, look delicious but kinda nasty at the same time. The article is about named John Bill who had vision of opening a restaurant. The restaurant was a combinations of fish counter and sit-down, the business started in Toronto. Mr. Bill restaurant was famous for their seafood dishes especially finned and shellfish. The name of the restaurant Junction in January. He had great vision and business plan. John goal was to make everyone feel comfortable and cozy when come to his restaurant. Only worries should be what food is being serve and how will it tatse. In the article, it explains how precise, presentable and delegate he made or wanted each dishes to be. Mr. Bill was passion about his restaurant as it was express through the article. He emphasize to make dishes and menu consist of different background food from different places such as British Columbian and Japanese. This would allowed eeveryone who travel from different countries to feel welcome. Mr. Bill didn’t want barriers between server to food and food to people. The challenging part is making sure the customers love the food the restaurant has to offer and how its prepared. Honestly, I agree with Mr. Bill vision of restaurant because each and every person can cook different meals at their homes. But they choose to come to your restaurant you should welcome them with a warm feeling. Customer come to restaurant to have nice meal with love one and try new dishes. They are to be treated comfortability, must be serve well and enthusiastic to try dishes the menu has to offer. I enjoyed reading this article, throughout the country there are seafood lovers doesn’t matter how its made.

Travel Section Assignment – Victoria A. Gaston

In the article “New Hotel Checkout Time: Anytime You Want” written by Charu Sur, in the New York Times Travel section mentions a new beginning of the very few hotels in different cities that are turning over a new leaf on the checkout policies. Hotels such as the Yotel, are now introducing late-checkout pricing plans and a new app that allows guests to choose any of the late-checkout plans offered at the hotel. Other hotels such as the Patina Hotel & Resorts, The Absalon, Peninsula Hotels, and the Capella offer a 24-hour stay, where guest can stay and go whenever they want. I believe that this new change will benefit those who travel frequently and book hotels to stay at during their travels. Having the option to checkout when you can without being forced and/or scheduled to can really make a guest feel more at home as oppose to being told when you have to leave. A guest should always feel comfortable wherever it is that they are staying at, and if hotels are making changes like these, then I believe they are looking out for the guest best interest during their stay. Giving guest the power to checkout when they want, can possibly turn them into returning guest, satisfied guest who will help hotel ratings increase, and that’s what many people review before selecting the hotel they wish to stay at. Changing the checkout policies within the hotel industry in my opinion is a very smart move and I think that it will allow many hotel businesses to progress and become better. Hopefully this new policy can reach all hotels soon, I’m sure there would be a lot more business if it does. I know that I would definitely start staying at hotels if this new policy is introduced to them all.

Electronic Profile Assignment

Kesso Diallo 9/16/2015
Hospitality Management

My dream is to become a flight attendant , I love to help people and also travel around the world. I have some experience in hospitality because I’m always generous and kind also ready to help people. My mother owned her own restaurant where I use to help her out sometimes after school. Now I work at a fast food restaurant called Mcdonald’s in brooklyn.
The best academic experience I ever had was my 12th grade english and history class. It was better than any class I ever took in high school. My english teacher was Ms.Bellitti, she made the class so interesting. I am a visual learner so the way she taught the lessons were just so perfect. As for my history teacher he was a cool person and made everyone who disliked the subject in the class actually would end up loving it. He would make us take turns reading aloud and if we didn’t understand he would explain to us until we understood. However I loved how he treated us like we were smart unless we showed him we were not.
During my middle school and high school years I would always set myself academic goals and achieve it. Now that I’m in college as a first year student a couple of my academic goals would be to expand my learning experience with the new teachers I would be meeting. Also I’m aiming to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and aim for what I came to college for which is a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.
Many people intend not to have a career experience because they feel like it will be hard or they’re just not ready. Well I want to become flight attendant and you must be kind and ready to help the passengers on board. I use to work in an optical place where I would help customers when they come in, I greet them and ask if they need help and if they say yes I would always be ready to assist. Also my mom owned a restaurant three years ago and that’s where I got my experience.
Every now and then we come across people who are unhappy with their jobs. sometimes these people don’t take time in thinking about what they actually want to do or pursue in. Well as for me my career goals is to get a job that connects with that I enjoy to do . Secondly finish my college major and start a family. The job that I’m willing to obtain is becoming a flight attendant which has my satisfaction , financial and new experiences I will learn.
Knowing your personal strengths and weaknesses can really help you in deciding the right career to choose and making decisions. Some of my personal strengths are: communicative, helping, patient, energetic, educated, open minded and social/people skill. I use these personal strengths in my everyday life and I enjoy every bit of it . I love to be communicative because I like meeting new people and get to know people and exchange words. Also I enjoy helping people with stuff they need ; giving a helping hand is generosity to me.
Personal interests that enhance my professional attributes is communication skills, professionals image, leadership skills, self motivation, getting slim with people and positive attitude. People have different interest that enhances their attributes and all it takes it having a strong mind and positive attitude .

Reflection of me – Deven Guerrero

Hello, my name is Deven Guerrero and I am 21 years of age. Since young, I’ve always asked myself, “What career do I want to pursue when I become older?” Being born and raised in New York, I am familiar with the opportunities and it’s something that I, as a student should take advantage of. At New York City Tech, I’m seeking to expand my knowledge, personally and academically. Not only to become a better student, nor to only improve the path of becoming a present and future industry leader, but to enhance lives of others around the world.

I’m currently majoring in Hospitality and Management, and as a student at City Tech, my academic goal is to learn and expand my knowledge within that field. The more I learn within the field, the more options I’ll have to decide what I really want to do. Main reason I chose this major is due to my passion for learning about how large industries bring in revenue, implement their businesses, and most of all, my interest in culinary arts. I’ve always been interested in business and marketing for several reason. My dad owns his own business which I work for, and I’m aspired to be someone like him in the future in a business perspective. This personal experience in business will allow me to understand business in the hotel industry as well. For the past three years, I’ve developed a passion for cooking and since then, I’ve improved my culinary arts at home by helping my mother cook, and watching the Food Network. After realizing how much I love to cook, the hospitality and management major was right for me because it will help me specialize my skills in culinary arts. Before entering City Tech, I was a student at BMCC and my major was computer networks. I recently received an associate’s degree under that major when I completed my first two years of college. Main reason I didn’t continue taking Computer Networks at City Tech is because I wasn’t passionate about it and it’s something I couldn’t see myself doing long term. I chose that major at first because I had industry connections and because of the money tech specialists make yearly. Now, I’ve learned that I should always strive to pursue a career in something I am interested in, disregarding funds and connections.

As a present industry leader, I see myself improving other lives. My short term career goals as an industry leader is to own a restaurant with a high end restaurant in it. I would love to manage my own hotel business, along as providing a menu of my specialty dishes for a high end restaurant in the hotel. By pursuing this, not only will I be able to master my skills in managing a business and mastering culinary arts, but I can spread culinary, and business knowledge amongst young and future leaders. I’ve developed this interest of enhancing other lives because it is a reflection of who I am. I enjoy helping others, seeing people happy, and that’s something that makes me happy as well. My reflection of who I am will enhance my professional attributes and will allow me to do what I love to do best, and that is, improve the livings of others financially and help them enhance what they love to do.

It’s difficult to determine where I’ll be in the future, but becoming a future industry leader is something I’m currently striving for. My understanding of a “future industry leader” draws an image in my mind of a 40 year old me being this leader. As a future industry leader, I see myself achieving one of my dream goals, and that’s to open up a non for profit to provide for the homeless around the world. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have several restaurants, and hotels to provide enough funds to accomplish my main goal in life.


In conclusion, I’ve always asked, “What do I want to become in the future?” The answer to that is through education and my passion for learning will help me pursue that. As a student at City tech, my main goal is to learn as much as I can in life for wisdom. As a present and future industry leader, I look forward to becoming someone who will not only make enough funds to provide for my own family, but to provide for the homeless around the world. I also look forward to becoming someone with great knowledge and wisdom to spread amongst others and improve the way we live as a society today.