Noemi Mendez- N.Y Times Travel Section Assignment #2

The article “How to rent a Europe Villa (and Not Go Broke)” by Stephanie Rosenbloom published in the travel section of the New York Time is an excellent source of information for travelers who are planning a vacation with a limited budget. In this article, Ms. Rosenbloom talked about how you can rent a villa and not to go broke during a vacation trip to Europe by following some strategies when planning a vacation to a foreign country. One of the strategy that the writer recommended, is to nab a couple deal by using legitimate company’s website that offer great deals for a family package. The second strategy that the writer recommended, is to venture farther afield by renting homes that will be more affordable that a private and luxury hotel.  The third strategy, is to plan your vacation from October to April in the off seasons, when prices are usually low because most of the people usually don’t travels during that time. The only downside of planning your vacation on low season, is that the weather will not be the same as the high season but your can also enjoy your vacation with more indoor activities that outdoor. The fourth strategy is to go with a group of family and friends and split the bill between themselves. By splitting the bill,  you and your family could have a great vacation and your vacation to Europe will be less expensive and more affordable. The final strategy is to be flexible when you are planning your vacation because that the only way that you can find a good offer discounts. With all these strategies, the writer guarantee that your pocket will not be broke in a trip to Europe, you just need to take your time and plan your next vacation very carefully.

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