Deven Guerrero- NYT Travel Section Assignment #1

In this weeks travel section, the  New York Times published the article,  ‘Chef Jose Andres giving and getting back in Haiti’, which talks about a 46 year old, chef and owner of  21 restaurants, Jose Andres, providing and increasing stability for the Haitian civilization. Ever since the earthquake occurred in 2010, Mr.Andres has been exploring Haiti and is now host of a one hour special PBS show, “Undiscovered: Haiti with Jose Andres.” With this show, Mr. Andres is aiming to  increase international awareness and make people view the island of Haiti as a place to explore and tour in, instead of viewing it as a place where there’s immense poverty and damage due to the earthquake. Mr. Andres established a non for profit association, “World Central Kitchen,” which teaches Haitians smart hunger solutions such as, culinary techniques to feed themselves, and ways to preserve forest, farming, and fishing industries.

I’m inspired by Mr. Andres because what he’s achieving is what my dream consists of, and that is,  providing for the needy and feeding the hungry. I’m ecstatic on how Mr. Andres uses his culinary experience to open a non for profit just to teach others about food and culinary arts.His ambition to benefit Haiti will raise awareness and hopefully the island of Haiti can be viewed as a beautiful place to visit instead of the place where the earthquake in 2010 devastated all.

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