David Liu

My name is David Liu, I came to City Tech this year as a freshman and I am majoring in Hospitality Management focusing on culinary arts. My one goal is to become a head chef in the future by taking all the knowledge City Tech has to offer towards my major. Though this people would say this goal would change after a few years in school I believe it would not. I have already been working in a Chinese restaurant for more than a year now and it still excites me whenever dinner service starts.  The menus and the style compared to French and American restaurants may be different but I assured you it is just as hectic. I try to work harder than the people there since I am the inexperienced one and need to learn it fast plus I was even scared to  take a break and eat for the first few weeks so I just worked till they gave me food. My inspiration was my father who is head chef at the place I work and when I see the how effortless he makes cooking look I just want to do that too. Though seeing and doing are two different things my year of experience got me to the point where I can use a wok to cook and prep pretty much any ingredient. My main drive is to be the best there is so I can show that I am a better chef than my dad. Surely enough one day this will happen and my name will be up with those that have made history in the culinary field.

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  1. Many students do change their direction once in school but you seem focused and dedicated to culinary. I like that you get excited and energized when service begins. I remember that feeling and it is powerful.

    I am looking forward to helping you reach you lofty goals!

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