Amanda Torres

Who is Amanda?                                                                                                     Amanda is a young woman who is very determined.                                                 

Amanda is a person who asks questions when she is uncertain.                                      

Amanda is a Hospitality Management major.                                                          

Amanda is a person who knows that chocolate is her favorite ice cream flavor.       

Amanda is someone who gets lost in new places.                                                   

Amanda is someone who can never match names with faces.                                       

Amanda is a Christmas Eve baby.                                                                          

Amanda is someone who checks her planner daily.                                                    

Amanda is someone who never misses an episode of Glee.                                       

Amanda came to city tech so she can become the person she wants to be.

9 thoughts on “Amanda Torres

  1. Your eprofile is very cool. I admire your personality of asking question on things you’re not sure, unlike me would never ask soembody for things that’s uncertain for me. I will try everything I can to figure out something that’s right. Wish you the best.

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