Spoons Across America Club Meeting!

Good Morning Everyone,

I would like to invite everyone to the Spoons Across America Club Meeting tomorrow at 12:45 in room N206. This non-profit organization is dedicated to educating children, teachers, and families about the benefits of healthy eating. We will be doing a demonstration of what we teach kids 2nd-5th grade. Learn more about our goal and how you can make a difference in our community. We will have snacks and giveaways!

Best Regards,

Raymond Garcia
Hospitality Management Department

FYLC Pizza Party!

I want to remind everyone that our First Year Learning Communities Party is still happening on Thursday September 20 from 1-2. The Party will be held in N119 (Next to Cafeteria)


I hope you take this opportunity to:

Meet your classmates and other FYLC Students

Meet your professors and peer advisors

Enjoy FREE pizza and soda!

Win a raffle prize!


Please come with any pending questions 🙂


Raymond Garcia


“Go confidently in the direction your dreams. Live the Life you have imagined.”

                                                                                                             -Henry David Thoreau

Lisa A. Guerra, a City Tech freshman, has been most inspired by this qoute. These two lines have strongly influenced her to take a confident decision towards her future; tourism and travel management will be the occupation she has imagined. Lisa’s decision has been impacted by her travels. She has visited numerous countries including Mexico, France, Ireland and England. These visits have also inclined her to take upon learning new languages. Besides English, Lisa speaks fluent Spanish and French. She can read some Serbian and is currently enrolled in Brazil Ahead: Portuguese Language School NYC. Lisa has high hopes in life. She would like an internship for the World Cup in Brazil 2014, where she will exhibit her talents she has gained from her life experiences and preparation from City Tech. For now, she will continue as a diligent student at City Tech, a linguistic leader in Brazil Ahead and as an Assistant Soccer Coach at St. John’s Preparatory School.

David Liu

My name is David Liu, I came to City Tech this year as a freshman and I am majoring in Hospitality Management focusing on culinary arts. My one goal is to become a head chef in the future by taking all the knowledge City Tech has to offer towards my major. Though this people would say this goal would change after a few years in school I believe it would not. I have already been working in a Chinese restaurant for more than a year now and it still excites me whenever dinner service starts.  The menus and the style compared to French and American restaurants may be different but I assured you it is just as hectic. I try to work harder than the people there since I am the inexperienced one and need to learn it fast plus I was even scared to  take a break and eat for the first few weeks so I just worked till they gave me food. My inspiration was my father who is head chef at the place I work and when I see the how effortless he makes cooking look I just want to do that too. Though seeing and doing are two different things my year of experience got me to the point where I can use a wok to cook and prep pretty much any ingredient. My main drive is to be the best there is so I can show that I am a better chef than my dad. Surely enough one day this will happen and my name will be up with those that have made history in the culinary field.

Amanda Torres

Who is Amanda?                                                                                                     Amanda is a young woman who is very determined.                                                 

Amanda is a person who asks questions when she is uncertain.                                      

Amanda is a Hospitality Management major.                                                          

Amanda is a person who knows that chocolate is her favorite ice cream flavor.       

Amanda is someone who gets lost in new places.                                                   

Amanda is someone who can never match names with faces.                                       

Amanda is a Christmas Eve baby.                                                                          

Amanda is someone who checks her planner daily.                                                    

Amanda is someone who never misses an episode of Glee.                                       

Amanda came to city tech so she can become the person she wants to be.

Nykkeicha Mcewan

I am Nykkeicha McEwan and I am originally from Jamaica. The hotel industry plays a huge role in the Jamaican economy, as result; I decided to get a degree in Hospitality Management. After moving to New York, I still wanted to continue in the Hospitality Industry. I then selected New York City College of Technology to make my dream a reality.

To achieve my dream, I know it will take hard work and dedication. I am more than willing to give a 110%. I can be described as friendly and approachable which in my estimation is an integral component in the Hospitality Industry. I also enjoy reading, especially about new places. I also love good food, so I try to find new restaurants that serve good food.

Hyein Jang

Hyein Jang is a current student at the New York City College of technology, majoring in Hospitality Management. Her academic goals are graduated from CityTech College and study more skills at the French culinary institute. She always wanted to become culinary chef because she loves food and when she cooks it gives her passion and happiness. Hyein likes to travel, try new food, nature, music, and art. Her dreams are become famous chef and when she became old she wants to travel with her husband. She doesn’t know when she could reach at the top of the mountain called “Dreams”, but she knows she started climb up to the mountain. Also she engrave this quote inside her heart “Determine never to be idle….It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.”

Jordan Chaux

Jordan recently graduated from St. Francis Preparatory High School. She now attends New York City College of Technology for her degree in Hospitality Management. Jordan believes that you should do what makes you happy and not what someone else wants. By doing that she is very enthused about her future career in hospitality management. On her down time she enjoys reading and swimming. When she was younger she enjoyed going on trips with her family, because she got to stay at hotels and that’s where her interest began in hospitality management.