Hollywood Studios: Tower of Terror

After working at Bibs, I was assigned to handle the shirt exchange cubicle. Initially, I thought my job was to distribute shirts to guests who had participated in the marathon, but my actual responsibility was to exchange the shirts for different sizes. This was because the guests sometimes lost weight while preparing for the marathon, or the shirts ran too big or small as compared to what they had expected. Some guests wanted the shirts to gift to their kids, so they exchanged them for youth sizes, while others missized their own shirts. For instance, some people wanted a small size but mistakenly chose a men’s size instead of a women’s or youth size. However, we could not guarantee that guests would get the shirts they desired since all the shirts were pre-ordered according to the number of people who had registered for the race. Additionally, all the guests were allowed to exchange their shirts, which impacted the availability of shirt sizes for others. My main task was to inform guests about the available shirt sizes, and if we did not have their preferred size, we advised them to check back later or the next day after the race. At the end of the day, we had to do inventory to determine how many shirts were left for each race, and then we closed the doors of the Expo at ESPN.