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First Week of Training in Resto

Avatar: Pandora ( Animal Kingdom)

The first week of training in Restaurantosaurus, also known as Resto by all cast members due to its long name, was quite fun! There was a lot of information, but I see Disney is serious about food sanitation and safety. Which I enjoy since I have many dietary restrictions. This is the place I would trust with my food restrictions. From cleanliness to making leaders in charge of allergen-friendly meals, the attention to detail is amazing, and I see why it’s the most magical place in the world that considers all its guest’s needs. My job involves a lot, from scooping ice cream to baking churros to handing Mickey Pretzels, which are always in high demand, so I make sure I’m always on top of things so I do not run out of any of these items. There’s still a lot more to learn overall!


  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    What training have you received on anticipated sales? Who make the ultimate decision to make more items? And when to bake them?

    • Jesenia Uzhca (Jessie)

      So far, the training has been a bit of everything, and it wasn’t specified exactly what I would be doing. Since they received over thirty CPs, I have been hopping around different kiosks such as Dino-Bites, Mobile Bar, and Trilobites. Whenever we run low on any items, like churros and pretzels, it is our responsibility to put more items into the ovens. Every cast member has their own method of cooking each item, except for the pretzels that have their mini oven and roll down once they are ready to consume.

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