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For Project 2 and Project 3 you can chose the same subject matter. Or you can choose an entirely new topic. >>Student Project 2&3 Past Examples


To explore various methodologies for displaying information and to develop strategies for designing effectively and communicating to audiences. To imagine new forms of organizing information and to create more coherent communication.

Project 2 Visual Diagram

Visual Diagram: a simplified drawing or rendering that shows the appearance, structure, or workings of something; a schematic representation.


Select an object or an item that could use explanation (i.e. the human heart, a butterfly, a hiking boot) Create a visual diagram that details:

  1. What an object is made up of and how it is structured
  2. How it behaves/functions
  3. Any additional relevant information to facilitate deeper understanding

Project 3 Information Flowchart

Information Flowchart: sequencing information. Explain a concept through a series of steps: A. B. C., 1. 2. 3., etc. The steps do not have to be presented sequentially but they need to be read and understood within the context of each other.


The flowchart must present 5 facts (i.e. metamorphosis of a butterfly, a hiking trail, symptoms and causes of a heart attack). Project can be:

  1. Historical
  2. Geographic
  3. Time based

Project Details


  • Phase 1: Research: understanding topic.
    Gathering, organizing and assessing data and content
  • Phase 2: Sketches and concept development
    Figuring what information, you have and how to best represent (charts and graphs)
  • Phase 3: Design and production (Illustrator & InDesign)
  • Phase 4: Revisions and final edits


  • Tabloid Poster – 11×17 inches (Vertical or Horizontal layout )
  • Margin: 0.5”
  • Bleed: 0.25”
  • Set up a grid
  • Gutter: .025”


  • Week 9-10 Phase 1: Research 
  • Week 10-12 Phase 2: Sketches and concept development       
  • Week 12-13 Phase 3: Design, production and revisions            
  • Week 14-15 Phase 4: Revisions and final edits DUE week15