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Getting Started

Phase 3 Design Development Before moving to this stage, make sure you have:

  1. Refined your thesis statement
  2. Collected, organized and written all your content
  3. Found some excellent examples of professional work that can serve as inspiration and reference
  4. Developed a few sketches and settled on the one that gives you a clear plan forward and supports your thesis statement
  5. Experimented with a grid structure
  6. Started to develop the visual assets (graph, charts, images and photos) that you will need to visualize the piece
  7. Settled on a typeface that is functional and in style with your piece


Visually tell a story through researched and fact based information. The following two designs can be presented together in one poster or separately in two:

Project 2: Visual Diagram – a clear, beautiful and stylized visual (photography, or an illustration – digital or hand-drawn) that shows the appearance, structure, or workings of something.

Project 3: FlowChart/Timeline (sequential story) – presenting an information sequence that explains a concept through a series of steps: A. B. C., 1. 2. 3., etc. The steps do not have to be presented sequentially but they need to be read/ understood within the context of each other.

Continue to go back to your thesis statement, all components or your design solution should support your thesis statement, keep revising.

Document Specs

Set up the document in InDesign. Chunk your outline into sections and lay them out within your decided gird.

  • Tabloid Poster – 11×17 inches (Vertical or Horizontal layout)
  • Margin: 0.5”
  • Bleed: 0.25”
  • Set up a grid
  • Gutter: .025”

Optional: You can choose to work larger – 20″ x 30″

DUE – First Draft

Week 14 Monday 12/11/23

  • Please make a folder with your name and save your design comps as PDFs into the >>Assignment 7: Design Development Dropbox folder