Hello, everyone my name is Sajjadul Alam. I am a senior in this college. My major is communication design. My concentration is on either becoming a Graphic Designer or Photographer. The reason why I chose this major was because one of my family members recommended me and he said I’ll enjoy it and so far I’ve been enjoying it. What I like about it is when I’m doing the projects I’m learning the step by step process on how each of the projects go. My favorite class I’ve enjoyed so far was my communication design 1 class in that class we did one of my favorite projects which we had to make a poster but the poster could be about anything so what I designed was I made a poster of DOOM which is a game. So basically I made a video game poster ! My strengths in communication design is when I use the adobe software’s. The main software’s that I’m really good at is using adobe illustrator and using in design those are the two main software’s that I use a lot for my designs and that I’m really good at. The one I would like to get better at is using Photoshop I’m struggling a little bit with photo shop so I would like to learn like how to use it and practice more. In my spare time I love listening to music because I feel like to me when I listen to music it helps me relax and be stress free. I also watch random you tube videos as well during my free time and talk to my friends and hang out with them.