Tj and Erik Info for Final Project (writing)

The periaktos were ancient devices designed to change scenery during a show. Vitruvius described them as wooden triangular prism that would revolve in front of the very audiences different eyes which would reveal different scenes. At one time, many people believed that it was a feature from Greek classical drama. This is no longer the case, many believe that it was created during the Hellenistic age. The Periaktos were said to regain popularity around 1500 in Italy, as well as England during the 17th century
The Deus ex Machina was said to be used mostly during the 4th and 5th centuries B.C. The Deus ex machina was commonly used for scenes where a storyline would be solved by a voice of reason or a sudden explanation. Due to the use of the Deus ex machina for such scenes. Euripides was said to be the most famous user of the Dues ex Machina. According to several Scholars he was the one that created this device.