Welcome to History 1102

Course Description

A chronological and thematic introduction to the history of European
interaction with the wider world from the 1400s to the end of the 1800s. The course will focus on
the central themes of global interconnectivity and discussions of nationalism, capitalism,
colonialism, slavery and trade. Specifically we query if not challenge the centrality of the Eurocentric narrative of the history of the world from 1400-1800.

About the OER

What’s an OER (you are on one right now) It stands for Open Educational Resource. Open means free and accessible to all who have internet access.

This OER serves as the syllabus and the textbook for the course. All work is to be submitted via Blackboard.

About the Professor

I am a history professor at City Tech in the Social Science department. I have worked here for six years. I am a historian of the Modern Middle East. I am a native Californian and also a lover of documentary film. You can follow me on IG: yourfavoritehistoryprofessor (I don’t follow back to maintain students privacy)

my classroom is a safespace for all students including:  #blacklivesmatter, LGTBQ, undocumented students,  and any student who fills under/misrepresented in the classroom. All are welcome and respected. Please reach out for support! She/her