Primary Source assignment WWI

The first primary source assignment is found here:

Please follow the directions below and write only about one letter. It is called:

Soldier’s Mail for May, 1918

May, 1918 Toul (Boucq)


Primary Sources-please submit via Blackboard

Each of these papers will be no longer than 450 words, but no shorter than 300.  Please write three single spaced paragraphs and use Times New Roman 12pt font or something comparable. Your grade will be between 1-100 (grade breakdown)

Primary Source Paper: posted on blackboard and the OER website

P1- Should provide the title of the source, a very brief summary of the text and say what students hope to critique-argue in P2.  Students need to provide an argument-thesis driven statement. A summary alone is neither desirable nor enough to thoroughly complete the assignment.

P2- Should be an analytical paragraph that provides (at least) one example from the text to support the author’s claim…ie. The slave’s story provides insight into the cruelty of the system, “insert quotation from text here.”  Using direct quotations provides clarity and helps to support the author’s claims.

P3- Should summarize briefly what was covered in P1 and P2 and also say something about the significance of this document for the study of world history and how it shows global interconnectivity. (How is the world connected?)  Do not throw this paragraph away, put as much effort into it as P1 and P2.