Weekly writing assignments (4 total)

Weekly Writing Assignments

All of these assignments are mandatory. Students are expected to read and answer the questions in their own voice based on the readings. There are appropriate ways to use sources that make that possible. I have provided a video here about how to complete the assignment.  lease cite all work and watch a short video here: on the difference between writing your own words and cutting and pasting.  All work should be cited and all direct quotations referenced appropriately.

Each assignment should be 5 paragraphs and at least two pages, no more than three. All work must be uploaded to Blackboard and must be submitted via .docx or .pdf. You cannot submit work via googledocx (blackboard hates it). For more guidance, watch videos here

*Always provide evidence

*Remember cutting/pasting and changing is plagiarism and results in an F in the course

Assignment one (week 1-4)

Please answer the following question based on the readings (and only the readings).

  1. What were the long and short term factors that contributed to WWI? Empire played a major role in WWI and offers insight into the long-term implications.

Assignment two (Week 5-8)

  1. What ways did the Depression and WWI lead up to WWII?

Assignment three (Week 9-11)

  1. What countries suffered the greatest as a result of the Cold War? Remember to support your answers with evidence from the text.

Assignment Four (week 12-14)

  1. What were the greatest lasting results of the Cold War and how did the Cold War change over time?