Weekly writing assignments (4 total)

Weekly Writing Assignments

These assignments are each worth 10% of your grade. They should be based on the readings alone. Your grade is based on your assessment of the readings.

These should be 2-3 pages long submitted in docx or pdf (not google docs-blackboard struggles with google docs.)

For extra help always come to my office hour 10-2 Fridays (or by appointment)

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All of these assignments are mandatory. Students are expected to read and answer the questions in their own voice based on the readings. I have provided a video here about how to complete the assignment.  Please cite all work and watch a short video here: on the difference between writing your own words and cutting and pasting.  All work should be cited and all direct quotations referenced appropriately.

Citation method (week one). Do not consult any outside sources for any reason. The function of this assignment is to see how well you understand the readings and are able to draw larger conclusions about the readings- not from the topic.

For more guidance, watch videos here

*Always provide evidence from the readings

*Remember cutting/pasting and changing is plagiarism and results in an F in the course. Cite like this (week 1).

Step by step guide to complete the assignment

  1. Read/take notes on each week of reading. There are leading questions for every assignment to help you write good notes. This will make the writing part of the assignment easier because you won’t have to reread large sections of the readings. Taking notes is a good life long skill that helps with improving writing. I like to take handwritten notes, maybe you like to type out your notes. Either way, it helps to make sitting down and writing easier
  2. Read the assignment question. The question is intentionally big- (do not google it-I know what is on google and what is in the readings) Trust your voice! You have important things to say. The question is meant to give everyone a space to share what they/he/she thinks is important! There are no right answers just good arguments based on the readings.
  3. Make an outline of what each week covers to contribute to your answer. Not everything you read will support an answer, but the readings will generally give you a better sense of bigger events. This outline will help you when you sit down to write to make your ideas clearer. An outline and notes narrows down your focus so you aren’t trying to sift through alot of readings and videos
  4. Remember that you only have 5 paragraphs and you need to show both long and short term causes (for week one). You want to consider all of the themes presented- like imperialism is an important long term cause.
  5. When you write, make sure that after you think that you are done that you revise for capitalizations, verb choice and sentence structure. Read it out loud and make sure it makes sense. When we read in our mind- it always makes sense, but when we read out loud we can see places where ideas aren’t clear.
  6. Remember that you are a student, this is a learning process, but with each assignment you will get better at it because writing is a skill that builds over time.
  7. Always upload in docx or pdf. Only use your own words, come to my office hour if you need help.
  8. I will look at submissions up to 48 hours before they are due- come to my office hour, bring your paper and let’s make it better!

Assignment one (week 1-4)

Please answer the following question based on the readings (and only the readings).

  1. What was the most important factor that led to the start of WWI? (make sure to consider both long and short term causes of the war) You may only use the readings and no other source. Using outside sources is prohibited in this class. These assignments are meant to assess your understandings of the readings and not your general knowledge.

Assignment two (Week 5-8)

  1. What ways did the Depression and WWI lead up to WWII?

Assignment three (Week 9-11)

  1. What countries suffered the greatest as a result of the Cold War? Remember to support your answers with evidence from the text.

Assignment Four (week 12-14)

  1. What were the greatest lasting results of the Cold War and how did the Cold War change over time?