Grading Rubric and Information for Weekly Readings Assigments

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Youreading assignments are based on a scale of 1-5 as it says in the syllabus.

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When I am grading your assignments, I am looking for clarity and presentation. Answers should provide great detail. For example, an exact date is better than a century (Such as The Civil War occurred from 1861-1865 rather than in the 19th century).

For five full points you want to answer each question with great care and great detail.

A score of 5 means that your answer is free of typos, grammar errors and sloppiness. It also means that your answer illustrates a sophisticated understanding of the material and presents the information with great detail. A score of 5 is considered an A.

A score of 4 means that your answer may have a few typos or grammar issues. It shows that you have shown great detail in most of the answers. A score of 4 is considered a B.

A score of 3 means that your answer may have a number of typos, grammar errors or some sloppiness. It also means that you haven’t provided the greatest amount of detail and have provided the minimum about of information to pass. A score of 3 is considered a C.

A score of 2 means that your answer has many typos or grammar errors or sloppiness. It also means that you have provided limited detail or offered very short answers. You may have missed a question or two. A score of 2 is considered a D.

A score of 1 is rare and means that your answer has a grave amount of errors or you have not answered some of the questions or you may have provided only a sentence or two for an answer.

Your final score is based on an average of your scores rather than a total. Please review the above for a comprehensive way to understand the scores. Each week is not based on a calculation out of a hundred but instead on the above concepts.

Score 5-4.75 is an A -95 percent

Score 4.6-4.74 is A- 90 Percent

Score 4.5- 4.26 is an B+ -88 percent

Score 4.25- 3.75 is a B -85 percent

Score 3.74 to 3.26 is a B -80 percent

Score 3.25- 2.76 is a C+- 78 percent

Score 2.75 to 2 is a C -75 percent

Score 1.9-1 is a D- 65 percent

Score .9-0 is an F- 59 percent