Final Project

The final project was to make a Domino effect by using the ball as the cause of the domino to fall. The plan was to have the ball hit the center of the first domino and then the timer will turn on and makes the domino rotate as they are falling; plus having them in rows and columns. When the dominos fall to a 90 degree angle, thats when the  picture will show up and it would probably  said “Thank You”. This project was my own worst enemy but actually my  learning process at the same time. It was hard to figure out the reason why my timer would start so early but  the help from my professor it occurred to me that i needed more practice. Though i did getted it to rotate and seeing it  in a good angle to see the dominos to  fall. While doing this project i started to understand the true meaning of coding, at first i didn’t really quite get  the if statement,boolean, and etc  but doing this project i started to understand. This project actually help me understanding my weakness and finding out my good strength.

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