Midterm Project

For my midterm project, I wanted to create a changing seasonal flower with the appropriate backgrounds to go along with it. Since there are 4 seasons, I would need 4 different stages of a flower. The flower starting from its “springing up from the ground” stage in spring, to its blooming stage in summer, to its “dying” stage in fall, and then to its “dead” stage in winter. I also wanted to add in little “extra’s” in my project such as for example, a little snowman off to the side in the winter season that would change colors if you clicked on the snowman. What I was actually able to create for my midterm project, was the uploading of the 4 seasonal backgrounds and a cover/title page. I wasn’t able to insert the 4 stages of a flower because I didn’t have Photoshop and I also couldn’t of added in the little extras either 🙁 When I did try to draw a flower into Processing itself, it was showing up in all of my backgrounds including my cover/title page. That caused a problem for me because I didn’t want a flower in the middle of my cover/title page. I would like to improve this project by actually finishing what I was set out to do originally. I can’t remember my openProcessing information for anything so here’s my code and a screen shot of my midterm project.

//Alyssa Seosankar – Prof. Higgins – Midterm Project

//Naming global variable(s) & images
int x = 0;
PImage myImage1;
PImage myImage2;
PImage myImage3;
PImage myImage4;
PImage myImage5;

void setup(){
//Setting window size
size(600, 600);
//Calling images
myImage1 = loadImage(“springBackground.jpg”);
myImage2 = loadImage(“summerBackground.jpg”);
myImage3 = loadImage(“fallBackground.jpg”);
myImage4 = loadImage(“winterBackground.jpg”);
myImage5 = loadImage(“fourSeasons.jpg”);

void draw(){

//Making the title
void title(){
image(myImage5, x, x, 600, 600);
int m = millis();
text(“The”, 150, 125);
text(“Four”, 300, 125);
text(“Seasons”, 170, 525);
fill(m % 255);

//Changing the backgrounds
void changingBackgrounds(){
if(key == ‘1’){
image(myImage1, x, x, 600, 600);
else if(key == ‘2’){
image(myImage2, x, x, 600, 600);
else if(key == ‘3’){
image(myImage3, x, x, 600, 600);
else if(key ==’4′){
image(myImage4, x, x, 600, 600);

//void flower(){
// if(mousePressed == true){
// fill(191, 198, 4);
// } else {
// fill(243, 252, 3);
// }
// stroke(x);
// strokeWeight(3);
// ellipse(300, 200, 100, 100);
// noFill();
// noStroke();
// fill(x);
// strokeWeight(4);
// line(300, 0, 300, 600);
// noFill();
// noStroke();

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