Midterm Blog Post 7.2 Assignment

My first idea when starting the midterm was to create connect four. Given that connect four is a two player game when i first thought about making the code i thought with a few loops and key & mouse presses i would be able to create connect four or something similar to the game. When I Began the project i made a few different grids for the game with lines, rect,etc but eventually changed the code to functions just to put in an input on what we have been doing in class lately. After creating the interface for the game and uploading the connect four image into the code is when i began to realize the difficulty. The different challenges i faced when doing the project was being able to fill the player chips from the bottom (as you know connect four is from the bottom up), and keeping the fill even after you where done with it and building on top on that fill. i had a hard time with being able to press a certain area for each player to fill with either black or blue chip and continue with the chips without them moving or blinking or changing into one color for each mouse or key press. I may have ran thru about 10 different codes and functions and states and mouse and key presses trying to figure out how i could build the chip location n color for each player. Although i was not able to completely figure out the issue i was faced with, in the future if i was to improve the application i would figure out a way to realize each player on the 7×6 grid and finish the game completely and also maybe add some animation to the game when someone connects four. Build a point system and also build an animation for the after the game is over when you release the chips from the bottom of the grid. 

*i embedded the code on tuesday, the link is a few blog post down*


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