What I wanted to recreate the “snake” game. Basically you are a square “eating” other squares until you crash or eat yourself and as you eat squares you get longer. I wanted the game to look retro which is why my game does not look flashy. I did originally put up a picture of a real snake about to eat a bird but after I reset a couple of times the program does not have enough memory so I removed it. The only thing wrong with my program is that it won’t reset properly after I pick up a square. I tried to find the error, but after an hour I gave up. I came across many challenges. Making this game was harder than I thought, I even had to look ahead in the book to read about arrays, then i look online to understand them, but I still don’t. Another challenge was keeping tract of the variables. The easiest the while doing this project was assigning the arrow keys everything else drove me nuts. If I do decided to improve my game I would add some color, have a proper reset, maybe add a score system, make the snake grow by 5 pixels instead of 1, add random obstacles, and maybe give the snake projectiles to blow stuff up.






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