Ehis Igbinosa

size(400,400); //overall size 400 by 400 pixels

fill(255,0,0); // Upper left red color
rect(0,0,200,200); //Square is red color
fill(0,225,0); //upper right green color
rect(200,0,400,200); //Square green
fill(0,0,255); //bottom left blue color
rect(0,200,200,200); //square is blue
fill(125,125,125); //bottom right side is gray color
rect(200,200,200,400); //
stroke(4); //Black line around the circle
fill(255,255,200,210); //circle transperancy
ellipse(200,200,100,100); //Circle shape

About Ehis

My name is Ehis E. Igbinosa. Born and raised in one of the greatest continent of Africa, Nigeria. Currently an Entertainment Technology major at City Tech. I took some courses at Lehman College as a field production manager summer of 2010. I have had strong passion for music since I was 6 years old playing the drums of a local church in Benin-city Nigeria. I play a variety of gospel, reggae, hip-hop, Rnb, Calypso, and a little Techno-style of music. My passion for music has taken me from a smaller stage to a bigger platform in and across the country. I recently got signed to a Nigerian-American base record label NMG (Nosa Music Group) in March 2013. I was elected as one of the New York Top Talent in December of 2010. And today I have got talent in singing, playing the drums, keyboard/piano, and bass guitar for various groups/bands. Attachment below is an article featured in season 2 of New York Top Talent of which I was invited as a special guest performer. Outside of my music, I am licensed by the New York City Department of Environmental protection as an Environmental project monitor.
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