Never say goodbye

I learned so many things working as intern. Besides of design wise which is to organize and make it more professional design, what I learned is to have a patience on making the project. It is a lot of processing, but worth it in the end. For instance, I learn to listen to my survp and the graphic designer. It’s never too wrong to ask, always say your opinion and listen. Those are the keys of having wonderful time working or interning to the organization. What I also learned from here is that some will be isolated and some are not. What I’ve also noticed is that not everybody is friendly or will talk to you, but I guess this is the real world we need to face. As long as you do your job, and be humble always, everything will turn out good. Overall, I don’t complain because I did my job as intern in this organization well. Even though you have the worse day at home or personal, don’t ever bother to bring it to the work because at the end of day you will the one who needs deal with it. I learned not to bring here, be positive, be motivated, and last do your best because this is you who you are representing. I hope you will learn as well from what I learned from my internship.


“never give up” – Hicee

My last project at my intern

Holiday is coming so what does that mean? It is time for a holiday spirit and it is the time of God showing his great love for us. My last project at my intern is making a social media post and a post card. I am really enjoying it because my favorite holiday is Christmas. It makes me think about my country in the Philippines. The only thing about here in the U.S. is that Christmas is cold which is okay for me. However, I am enjoying making holiday post because I like the colors. It is bright, alive, and warmth. It can bring great joy to the people. Nevertheless, I am going to miss working with my intern. They are all nice and have patience with me. In addition, they will help me if I needed. I am so thankful to work here as intern with this loving and friendly organization. I never felt alone or I am “intern” feeling. I feel I am with them. I am wishing them a happy holiday!



Design that I made




” Spread the love and never give up”- Hicee 


Giving Tuesday Project

I am still working on the “Giving Tuesday” project. I helped them City Tech Office of Visual Communications to create a logo and the layout for the website which is So right now, I am working on the social media post.  I am enjoying making it because it involves images, texts and colors. Plus, the team that I am a member in have the strong quality of team work. We communicate to one another which is a good quality. I think that is the reason why I am enjoying this project. The people who I work with trust me to do the project which is to help boost my confidence. What I learned apart from being communicative is important to listen and observe.

In the article Modern Etiquette: Minding your manners in the work” by Pamela Eyring. What Eyring writes in the article is very interesting especially the part that states “it’s statistically important to bring your manners to work every day.” I agree with this wonderful idea and can argue that some people do not bring their right manners to work from my personal experiences. 

For instance I have seen some of this while working as a hospital clerk. I have seen many incidents that showed workers don’t have manners. They were actually bad with not having any manners and were unprofessional. I think that is one of the many reasons that there are some companies that fail because there is no communication between workers. If companies followed the advice in The Protocol School of Washington this would not be a problem. This book offers the following dos and don‘ts:  I think this will be a really wonderful day at work. Sadly, many of us do not have manners. It is really sad because here in the United States, etiquette is not always practiced since some Americans have a we can do whatever we want attitude. There are other countries that are very strict with etiquette at the workplace. I hope whoever reads this becomes inspired to change and just have manners, respect each other and do well in our job.

There are really interesting tips for dealing with sexual harassment in the workplaceIt really works because when I experienced that,  I remained calm. I had been asked by someone to “meet me in a private location” which at the time I did not think was a good idea. It is important to understand that people have their personal life outside of work. I think the best way for a person to respond to that is to be nice and be appropriate with one another. Really, just communicate, but if you a shy person like me. Don’t stress it, just do your work and smile. That is what I do every day at my work and intern.

I am looking forward to my role model.

I could see her as a role model. Her name is Katherine. She is one the main graphic designer in my internship. I see her as my role model because her works are really well design, and organized. She is friendly, willing to help you, even though really bust at intern. She will give me time to talk and discuss about what I have done in the project. What I like about her is she giving me some tips to make the project well design. I know that she can be a role model. I never see her un professionals attitudes. I wish, I can be her mentors. I need someone that I can talk to and become successful graphic designer.



I am doing okay at my internship

I think I am doing okay, I come and do what they ask me to do. I am giving 100% at my internship. I listen to the coworkers and make sure I do extra projects. The only thing that is bad is maybe my attendance, lately I am dealing something at home. So sometimes, I cannot be coming in but I am trying my best to email my supervisor and let him know that I can’t come in. However, in terms of work, people who works there appreciates me for being hardworking which I am happy about it. I don’t really have problem one of them. That’s all I can say.

Even though its my job title i Still help them one example assistance with the photographers. I am enjoying it though.

I am so proud what I have done

The project that I work far is called “Giving Tuesday.” This project is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. It is social activism that occurs after the week of Thanksgiving. The main goal is to create an international day of giving. The school is participating in this event, so my project had to make a logo, and a social media ad. The money that will be collected will be given to a chosen programs. People that I work and design for is the main graphic designer. She gave me all of the materials like photo, size and details. I communicate with her by meeting her after I finish the project, sometimes through email. She is very professional because she let me use my idea to create the project. I am so proud of myself because the project that I made is approved by the boss and they posted on their Facebook page. So far, I don’t have problem with them. They very appreciated to me what I have done.


I feel happy because one of my work is futures on City tech website


What I am learning so far?

What I learned so far from my internship in all honesty is being organized.  I have a separated folder from the intern project, I make folders on computers and label protected files names. Second, skill I have learned was of developing ideas on the sketchbook. I usually don’t really use sketchbook and I use paper to put all my ideas. Sketchbook helps me a lot to make more ideas. In addition, I learned how to communicate to my coworker a graphic designer named Katherine who is helpful. She conclude me into their meetings and brainstorming, they are actually lesson to my opinion. Thus, I learned in the business that it takes long time to have a successful project. For example it has to be approved by big bosses and lots of work that is constantly redone which is not easy. I am learning to be patient with the process because it is really worth it.  I don’t really like performing clerical work, they have their own clerk, who answers phone calls and other performs other tasks. There is just one event the office is promoting where I help them with the project. So we just went to school, recruit students to sign up and join their group, which I don’t mind because it is good to have experience interaction to other students, it boost my confidence. My typical day on intership is really fast. The time goes quick maybe because I do project that went quick. I like it, it really quick day to work in that area. The people are nice and Katherine is very helpful.


motivation quotes


I have desk!

My workplace is an office setting where we have some offices and cubicles. Actually the place we work in right now is a temporary space. My survivor said when the new building finish at Jay Street, they will move a get a new place. Right now the office is huge. When I am there, I only see few employees, empty desks and some empty rooms and very quiet.

I have desk! cool right. I have huge space and I am alone. Kinda sad, but at least I have my own space.

I can only wear some footsteps that’s how quiet it was. Based on my observation of the employees, the attire here varies person to person.  Some wear ties and shirts while the graphic designer wear casual. In terms of my dress, I wear casual. The workers work Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturdays at 9 to 5pm. For lunch break, they do not have specific hours but I’ll go at 2pm and eat on my desk which is fine to them. They are very nice, sometimes I grab coffee and have coffee break which is nice to me.


Happy coffee time!

Its all about my Supervisor.

My supervisor is named Al Vargas and is also a college professor at City Tech. I was interviewed for the internship position on September 5th for an office named Office of Image and Visual Communications at City Tech. Mr. Vargas who interviewed me was very welcoming and nice. I got the internship by emailing him and expressing my interest in a position. I attached my portfolio website and resume to the email. A few hours later I received a response asking to be interviewed on September 5th. I was so happy and nervous at the same time. I went to the interview early and Mr. Vargas was impressed by that which made me happy. He asked a few questions about how did I know that I wanted to be a graphic designer, what I do outside of school? Why did I apply in this organization?. I told him that it started when I was younger. I liked to draw, paint, color, and cut pictures from books and magazines to make collages and photography. I applied to this organization because it is very convenient to me, and it was a very interesting conversation because he was also pleasant. I am taking full time classes so wanted to be close to the school. Plus, I know I will gain lots of experiences there.

I was a little excited and then a couple hours later he asked me which days I was available to intern. At that point, I knew I had gotten the internship position and started the following week.

I am glad I applied on his organization. He is professionals and will listen to you either its for work or personal related. I am very glad that I have nice supervisor, not like other boss who will not care about you. Plus, the company does not feel me I am interning, they make me I am part of their team.


My internship

I started my internship on September 13 for a company named Office of Image and Visual Communication at City tech. It is located at 16 Court Street 6th floor in Brooklyn, New York. 

This office is the City Tech Brand as a framework for communication about the college and also work on an external audience. Their main goal is to enhance the spirit of City Tech by communicating the importance of working together. In addition, they also work with all the departments, centers, photos, and programs to design brand messaging and promotional materials. One sample that they have designed is here on this link

One of their design work
 I am part of the design team work with Katherine, one of their graphic designers. She is a graduate from City Tech and majored in communication design. Katherine is very helpful and helps me when I need her and has provided me with  guidance about my design and is very professional.