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Uganda is a beautiful tourist destination. Travelers interested in ecotourism would find Uganda a perfect destination.  Many visitors travel to Uganda for the gorilla trekking. Gorilla trekking is a guided tour through the jungle with the intention of catching gorillas in their natural habitat. It is an awe-inspiring experience and one of Uganda’s chief tourist attractions. For cultural experiences, a Boda Boda tour is fully customizable and can bring you to the Hindu Temple, Kampala’s National Mosque, or any other cultural destination. There are many lodging opportunities from $50-$200 a night so anyone can find a good choice based on comfort level and budget. I believe most people travel to Uganda for the natural attractions such as gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and rafting. A Director of Tourism would use these natural elements combined with the fact that Uganda is predominantly English speaking to attract tourists.


  1. Eddie Cheng

    I think visitors would most likely visit Uganda because they would want to see the mountain gorillas. They might never see mountain gorillas so they might be curious about what it looks like. They might think the mountain gorillas are very cool to see. A tourist attraction that is special to the destination is how beautiful the view on the mountains is. Another tourist attraction that is cultural to the destination is how Lake Bunyonyi’s “Bunyonyi” means “place of many little birds”. The reason why people go to Uganda is because how you can find animals that you can not find anywhere else in the world. Some People really like the animals there and it might be their dream to see the animals they like there, so maybe that is why many people go there. I think the Director of Tourism will tell you the best places to go in Uganda. I think the Director of Tourism will also tell you the best things to explore in Uganda.

  2. Sara Zheng

    Travelers would travel to Uganda to experience the natural beauty of the lakes and many islands. Many people, who travel to Uganda takes part in gorilla trekking and many have enjoyed their experience due to the friendly locals. The view from Lake Bunyonyi seems to have a meditative effect. Visitors, who wants to take a break from the usual stressful environment could take a trip to the lake. The Royal Palace and National Museum provides background information on Uganda. People would understand the important history and culture of the country. There are safari lodges and camps along with hotels. The Director of Tourism would use this information to attract visitors by showing the natural landscapes of Uganda. Follow with attraction sites that could only be experienced there. Have visitors understand to donate money responsibly. Research on the organization and not give money on the streets.

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