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Bergen, Norway

            Taking a trip to Bergen, Norway is a stunning way to spend your vacation.  Tourists can hike up to Mount Ulricken to experience a spectacular view on the highest mountain in Bergen. Tourists can avoid the long hike by taking a cable car up to the top to experience this valuable natural attraction. Adventurous travelers can even zipline down the mountain. For visitors that want a more relaxing attraction, a fjord cruise might be the perfect alternative. A cruise traveling through the narrow inlets surrounded by cliffs is an awe-inspiring experience.  Since Norway is expensive, most people will benefit from some cost saving tips such as staying at a hostel.  The inexpensive hotels such as Hi Bergen Hostel Montana, Bergen Budget Hostel or Marken Gjesthus Hostel offer inexpensive lodging with friendly service and possibly free breakfast.  Other cost saving tips are using third party sites to book plane and hotel accommodations, getting a tourism card that will bundle admission prices with a discount, and cooking meals yourself since restaurants can be expensive. A Director of Tourism would use the beautiful scenery such as the stunning mountain tops and natural tourist attractions like the fjords to attract the nature loving tourist.


  1. Jessica

    A tourist attraction that features a natural value to Bergen is Rundemanen Mountain. This mountain is one of the 7 mountains in Bergen and you can choose which to hike depending on your desired difficulty level of hiking trail.
    A tourist attraction that features a cultural value to Bergen is the Rosenkrantz Tower. It is an important building to the country that used to serve as protection and a roof to sleep under.
    Opportunities for lodging include hostels, budget hotels and even free camping grounds.
    Some tips for money management that are recommended for visitors are to shop at a market and make your own food, keep a budget of at max $80 USD, use a hostel and visit the free sites and museums.
    Director of Tourism: a Director of Tourism can use the budget chart to target big spenders or attract many “backpackers” helping with low cost expenses and visit Bergen’s cultural and natural sites for little to no costs.

  2. Sara Zheng

    The Bergen Fish Market has been around since the 13th century. This place provides samples for local delicacies along with many restaurants and food stalls. It is important to keep in mind that prices could range from $13 for an appetizer to $30 for a main dish. Mount Ulriken stands 643 meters high and is considered the tallest mountain in the area. The view is spectacular of Bergen and the sea. There are money management tips to inform people of potential cost as food and transportation may be expensive. For instance, ziplining down the mountain could cost $47. Spending less money on hotels means you could use it for better quality food or sign up for another activity. Buying travel insurance protects the buyer if they cancel the flight due to injury or theft. Potential lodgings are HI Bergen Hostel Montana, Bergen Budget Hostel, and Marken Gjesthus Hostel, which are not expensive. The Director of Tourism uses money management to inform guests of how much they could potentially spend in the area. Knowing the cost of the attraction sites could help the guests to decide what places are out of budget and places that are not.

  3. Anjela

    One tourist attraction that features a natural value to the destination in Bergen is Mount Ulriken. Everyone there is familiar with hiking this mountain. It’s just a couple of kilometers away from the city. Mount Ulriken stands 643 meters (2,100 feet) high and is the tallest of the seven mountains near Bergen. One tourist attraction that has cultural value to the destination is the Maritime Museum. At this museum you will be able to see exhibitions including ships, paintings, films, artifacts, original maps, and some cannons from the 18th century. They have A fun social hostel with free breakfast and a communal kitchen. Feels like home for you to stay for your vacation. They are told to have travel insurance just in case you get sick or your things get stolen. If I was the Director of Tourism I would use their beautiful museums to attract guests to spend their vacation. And their hiking spot. A lot of people don’t get to hike where they’re from. You also get the amazing view of Bergen.

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