Project on the ‘Age of Humans’ to explore human effect on environment Summary

The article Project on the ‘Age of Humans’ to explore human effect on environment by Andrew Bauld is about a project led by Assistant Professor Sarah Fredericks and her team. The goal of this project is to bring a new definition to be human in the Anthropocene (defined as a period marked by unprecedented human interaction with the planet that includes mass agricultural practices, nuclear weapons and climate change). In order to conduct the project, they will focus on three themes: the different and diverse contributions of humans to the Anthropocene, the implicit religiosity of Anthropocene narratives and indigenous understanding of environmental change. With support, financial help and encouragements from Uchicago Urban officials, researchers, and some scientists, Fredericks and her team are aiming to reach a larger audience. Prepared, organized and motivated, she hopes to bring chances in future research.

2 thoughts on “Project on the ‘Age of Humans’ to explore human effect on environment Summary”

  1. I find this project to be very interesting as well as very important as human beings are relationship with the earth is really shaky so tracking how much of an impact we have on the earth will give us a better perceptive on how we need to coexist with are planet. whether that means finding ways to reduce our carbon foot print or finally finding a new form of energy. The first step in the right direction always starts by knowing if your walking in the wrong direction.

  2. I think this blog is pretty interesting because it tells us how we are towards the nature itself we are very disrespectful towards the surrounding we are in we throw garbage wherever we feel like throwing when we do see that there are garbage bins around us yet we’re too lazy to throw it in there there are also people or even I have done things such as waste so much water that it’s causing other places to drink contaminated water or bottled water to stay safe in today’s world everything is not cheap so we have to watch what we do and try to keep our world and our environment clean

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