5 thoughts on “Hardship”

  1. I totally agree. Your opposition is your very opportunity. Far to often us as individuals has led ourselves into thinking our very problems are our circumstance. Nope. Your problem is nothing more than a situation, a test that has already been passed, but will you stay in a funk and not believe for the better. What we do to ourselves is a direct result and out coming to our situation. Say you speak harshly upon yourself during hardship, surly your hardship will be of your burden. Yet we have been taught our burden has already been carried. Trust and believe, that your faith will too arise. March on forward your very eyes may see more than what your mouth can speak upon your situation.

  2. I agree one may think that winning is the overall goal. They don’t understand what the struggle that they went through to obtain that winning is the best overall that they can ever have gained because throughout the entire time they learn how to face ups and downs and understand the side effects of each go the steps that they take and the consequences that they face changes the person sometimes entirely or sometimes to a point that they change their point of view towards the life itself

  3. I stand by these quotes, life can be very unforgiving all the stress and bad situations but if we don’t learn to adapt we will never grow. The growth in are lives isn’t the product of nature but all the bumps and falls we have taken and each time we face these difficulties we get stronger. Here is another quote “the reason we fall is to learn how to get back up”.

  4. I completely agree with these quotes, hardships lead to lessons that better a person. I can personally say hardships have showed to appreciate the better moments life and appreciate the successes I went through that I know I am worthy of.

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