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As many of you know, finals week is very tough to get through. Me being an Architect student, you can imagine how difficult it is to prepare for presentations, designs, and exams. I believe I am stress, but in reality I am not. Why?, because there is always a way to make it successfully. Stress is sort of an excuse that creates this “negative” feeling, allowing you to ignore your options and look for the “easy” way out. What colleges differs from high school is that you’re now focusing on your career. If you’re absolutely satisfied with your choosing of major, it is quite important to remain positive of how these classes will benefit you on the long run. Without noticing, all of that stress will disappear and you’ll continue a positive journey to a well deserved summer.

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  1. As an Architecture major, I cannot agree more with being stressed during finals. Is not just the studio classes, your other classes also have a lot of work. You have to do a lot of reading, writing, research, and deal with life outside of school. I find it easier to deal with stress by keeping a planner. By writing down the things I need to do, having a schedule works great for deadlines.

  2. Stress is real but our ability to keep stress free, is where lies our real strength. with finals coming i can attest that i never be so overwhelmed, it’s like the moment you finish one homewrork, here comes another one lol
    but we are strong, we are smart and we are going to make it

  3. Although its only been my first year in college, this is the most I have been stressed. I never believed my high school teachers i thought that college is like high school but it’s way more difficult. While preparing for my final exam’s last semster, it was very hard cause I had too many classes which meant I have to study for each class and that made my stress level go up the roof, that’s why I choose fewer classes semester.

  4. Stress plays a big role in our lives.One reason of how stress shows a big role in our life by when you have a term paper due the next day and you did not even start yet.I always leave my term paper for the last minute and then the day before it’s due i start typing my paper. This is a big habit of mine that I started from high school leaving all my papers for the last minute. The lesson I learned from this do not leave your terms papers for the last minute because you can make alot of mistakes on it and won’t have time to proofread it.

  5. Finals are dreadful. Even the name finals is a big concerning. Why does it have to be such a big scary thing? And all given on the same week or around the same period. Very stressful. Many people have panic attacks and the information just leaves the room. It can be very hard to control your nerves. Only if tests weren’t as important or stressful. Or that we just could retake it.

  6. Yes, finals at the end of every semester can be daunting. But, it can be easier if you don’t have a lot of classes to contend with. That is why I stick to my usual 1-2 classes per semester. A more difficult one with an easier class, to offset each other. It works out well for me that way. Good luck to every one on your finals!

  7. College can be very stressful depending on how you look at it you can either leave your work and leave it hanging all the time till the last minute like some of us do or be on top of your work and not have to worry about it and make it a stress even if you give a little bit of time throughout your entire day for your words such as studies or homework itself it can kill the stress completely and keep you calm and steady and not worry about finals or any exams try it maybe work for you because it always works for me

  8. I agree to a degree. Stress does infact distract you sometimes form forcusing on a task at hand but it’s not always a bad thing. When you show stress it shows that you care for what your doing and it can be a drive to help you complete a certain task. Yes there are times where stress is unuseful but having a little bit of stress keeps you vigalet on the important things you need to do.

  9. Stress is so distracting, it makes you worry about the negatives of any possible outcomes. It can be distracting but it can also give you the push you need to go further in any assignment for fear of failure.

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