How do you guys feel about Climate change?

Climate change is something people in our daily lives just hear but not really care about. We must keep in mind that this is the world we live in and it is changing for the worst in some ways. Things like fossil fuels are causing an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and as a result depletes the ozone layer and an increase of the suns ultra violet radiation towards the earth. This is unhealthy for us and it will only get worst for us if we keep living how we live now while having no regard to what are we doing to our planet.

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    1. I agree because most of the people are unaware of the pollution that is causing so much affects in a negative way towards our livelihood that most of them are very harmful and for upcoming generations it will even bring in new kinds of troubles that we are not aware of as of right now

  1. I agree with your post, climate change is a huge problem. Fortunately, America has progressed over the past few years, enacting laws for a cleaner and healthy environment. A big issue with climate change is that people see it as a problem for the future. Rather than wait for a clearer sign of climate change, we can change some lifestyle choices that can prolong the speed of climate change such as global warming. Another issue I find with climate change is the fact that it is still denied. Although the number of deniers might be less than those who accept climate change as a fact, these deniers still play a role in our future as they become politicians and ultimately have the power to reverse any change we once put forward.

  2. I like this post because it is something that we all need to hear and put more interest in. Climate change is having a negative effect on our daily lives as we speak. There are numerous factors that are bringing about this ongoing catastrophe, many of which can be avoided if we take simple measures and precautions. One such example is to try to minimize automobile usage. Just by taking the train or carpooling with someone or even riding a bike, can yield tremendous positive results towards our environment.

  3. To ​confront climate change a threat ​that ​our entire plantet is facing, I think everyone need to take part in practical, affordable solutions. We’re already seeing the effects of climate change. We all need to proctect our enivorment and nature so that the future generations will have a better planet.

  4. I think that this topic is very important because as the years go by it is obvious that things is getting worse which is affecting a lot of things

  5. People really need to pay more attention to the environment and climate. The newspaper and media should daily remind us of global warming, CO, and Oxygen levels. We have to consider climate change more of a serious issue in our current world. The media should daily remind us more and more of the climate change that’s going on and people should try their best to not make more greenhouse gases that affects the atmosphere.

  6. I agree with this post because we can’t trust with climate change. Everyday our plant climate change different way it’s effect with people daily life. Also it’s effect with our health. That’s way we have to aware about our climate change.

  7. It’s one of the most important issues facing our generation — the planet is measurably changing and the repercussions could be massive: changing growing seasons for food, increased heat waves that could threaten human lives, long-term consequences for our road and bridges, and most importantly major disruptions to ecosystems on land, in the air, and in oceans and other bodies of water.

    One of my good friends did some research on the effect of increased ocean temperatures on copepods (tiny ocean crustaceans, like plankton) which are a key source of food for animals higher up on the marine food chain. The higher the temperature of the water, the harder it was for the copepods to exist, which meant that the delicate balance was interrupted going all the way up to the fish we eat.

    I recently came across a tweet that summarized the spending proposals by the White House for energy — including cutting funds for renewable energy by 70%. Here is the link if anyone wants to read:

  8. I think climate change is the biggest threat we face today, it is something that will affect everyone in the world. I think that the effects of climate change should be takes seriously by our public officials. We need to start taking important steps to counter climate change. I think that we all should start doing everyday things that help our environment, like going solar.

  9. As a normal human I would say that we all should think about all the steps we take towards our earth because nor is it just that weird dirtying the earth itself we are also harming ourselves directly and indirectly when we throw something in the water later on someone else is going to get contaminated with that water

  10. If anyone has Netflix, I recommend watching bill nye series talk show where he discusses about global warming, science related topics and climate change. I agree it’s a collaborative approach between us in the society and the government/policy makers.

  11. Climate change is no laughing matter, I agree completely. So many people know but are unaware of the approaching outcome that follows. Such as extinction and toxic living conditions. The people need to push to be more inform and take actions, as well our governments taking these issues more seriously.

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