29 thoughts on “What’s your opinion on social media? Would you quit social media?”

  1. I actually tried to quit my cell phone all together. Not for productivity but to live more in the here and now. I don’t have that many social media (Fb, Insta & snapchat) accounts nor do I have games on my phone. Most of my time spent on my phone is texting/messaging. I can have a whole conversation with you while I’m looking down at my phone having a conversation with someone else. There are very few people in my life that I actually give my undivided attention willingly. There’s a disconnect.. like I’m on auto-path through life. Text, look up, look around be aware of my surroundings and start again. It’s not to say I prefer the company of my phone over real contact. It just this constant to update.
    Anyway, It only lasted a week. First day was pretty good, I didn’t have to constantly think about something to say, etc. But as the week went, it felt like I was missing out on things.

    1. I wouldn’t quit social media either even though I tried several times I can’t get over it. Whenever I’m lonely or bored only social media can help me out. And also it helps me understand people more and what life truly is about

  2. I quit social media about 2 years ago, I was so addicted to my phone and social media that I didn’t even know what real life was. I quit facebook, Instagram. it showed me who were my real friends and who were fake. I started to explore the real world without having to post everything I did on my social media. It was the best decision I made.

  3. I think there is a disconnect. I am not an avid social media junkie but I can tell you that if I forget my phone home while I’m at school or at work, I do feel an emptiness I can’t really describe. It is weird. We have become so engrossed in our phones that we don’t take the time to notice everything else around us. This is a very serious issue. Just last week I witnessed a close encounter with a driver and pedestrian. I cannot say If the pedestrian was on a social media site or looking at emails or something else, but he was totally consumed by his phone and he was almost hit by a car. I do take breaks from Facebook and Instagram on a monthly basis. But, I tell you, once I’m in, I’m in. I stay on for at least an hour because once you tap on a page it leads you to something else and then a next person’s page and then a next. It can be addicting because you do feel like you’re going to miss something. I do like my monthly disconnect from social media. It makes me realize that I really am not missing anything and I can have my more time, more undivided time with my family.

  4. In my opinion, social media is more than a pure source of entertainment. Dr. Cal Newport discussed that people do not need social media to become successful and it is not absurd to reject this form of technology. While I agree that it is not essential, I think it is a very useful source of technology for marketing. In the recent years, I have noticed that the use of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, allowed individuals to display their talent and creativity. Further, companies are expanding their businesses by advertising their products, which contributes to positive success. I personally would not give up social media. I do not find it harmful or myself dependent on it and I believe that it is a great tool for the economy.

  5. Well, for being honest I tried to quit too from all social media. Now you would ask me if it worked?? My answer is “No.” We are in 2017 already, social media has been with us for the past decade, and is part of us already. Well, there may be people that do not really care about it but for young people like us, is already an addition. They all with keep coming in all different shapes and concepts.

  6. Social media was a platform created to bring us people closer together and connect with one another. unfortunately and ironically it seems that it has made us grow further apart from each other. Many of us use social media on a daily basis and has become the norm of todays society. We may log in to facebook without thinking twice about whether or not there is something more productive and valuable that can be done at the moment . On top of that, it ceases us from creating real intimate connections with people such cause we subconsciously check social media to view what are other people up to rather than the people you are with now. We must treat this as a supplement rather than a substitute, and overtime realize we are much happier this way and create genuine connections with people

  7. No I think we should not quit social media.One reason is because it helps you connect with family members that live in another country.Another reason I think we should not quit social media is because most people are dependent on social media .They wouldn’t be able to live without out it.Third reason why I would not quit social media is because it connects me with relatives or friends that I dont know.Just because a person uses snapchat,facebook or instagram does not mean they do not know what is happening around the world.I have snapchat,facebook and instagram ,but that does not make me a whole different person.

  8. Personally I wouldn’t quit social media because when I’m bored it entertains me sometimes, and I feel like sometimes when you’re not on social media it’s like you’re out of the loop because there can be something trending like a picture or saying and you wouldn’t know because you’re not on social media, even though I wouldn’t quit social media it wouldn’t be bad to take a break from it once in a while

  9. No, i think social media was specifically designed for us to keep in touch with our close friends and family. I feel like without social media we would lose contact with friends and won’t be able to meet new people. Having social media is helpful because it’s a good source of communication. It’s essential to get in touch with others, such as peers, family, and friends. I don’t think there’s a valid reason to not use it but it’s your choice if you want to have it or not. But social media keeps you close to the latest news and you can have opportunities on things posted on social media. I just feel like it’s a good tool to have in case you need to get in contact with someone. There might be great advertisements on social media that can help you and not having social media will make you not aware of potential opportunities. The world we live in depends on social media and without it won’t feel right.

  10. Personally, I will not quite social media because it makes communication with my family in Africa easy and free. I uses the free vido call that the social offer. Quitting will be loosing communication with my family.

  11. No I do not think we should quit on social media because I have family memebers and friends that I keep in touch with by social media and that is how we contact each other. Phone calls from around the world are expensive now.

  12. Social Media is an absolute distraction and has changed the way society function. In order to socialize, most of it is done through apps, text, or call. Dating sites are now the best option for one to meet and greet. Trains, streets, anywhere you walk there would be people with their phones out. Social Media was made for people to interact and express themselves, but slowly it has now become more of an addiction.

  13. In my opinion theres nothing wrong with social media. What you advertise on social media is totally up to you. Some people tend to make it an open journal. Thats a bit too personal for me so i just keep it general and simple in all my accounts. One reason I’m for social media is because it has given me the opportunity to start and grow and business that with out Instagram probably would not succeed. Everything has its pros and cons. Find the advantage of social media and use it to your benefit.

  14. The capability of thinking “I’m going to delete my (inserts Social Media account)” is strength to the very footsteps. To disconnect to reconnect is powerful, and deserves a pat on the back. To even think about making such an action, is also a pat on the back. Be proud of whom you are and how you feel! May you encounter a situation that leads you to think “let me step away from this” is your first step to realizing you need some alone time. DO not be consumed by the world, it needs life support. We are to be the lenders and never the borrowers.

  15. I think I could quit social media, I really don’t use social media to start with. I don’t have Facebook or instagram just twitter and snapchat. I think that social media has its pros and cons it all depends on a person uses it. I just think that we should be careful in not letting it become an addiction and control our daily lives.

  16. Technology increases the rate at which we accomplish routine duties and also allows us easier access to reach out to one another. In this sense, technology is a beautiful creation but as with any new technology, certain individuals will use it to harm one another. Social media allows an individual to contact their loved ones over seas, yet it also allows people to be harassed or threatened over the web. I think social media should be allowed, but with punishable consequences for those whom use it for harmful purposes.

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  18. Addiction is one of the main things that leads to our downfall. We should be in control of our lives not someone or something else. If you’re addicted to social media and its distracting you from your studies, daily schedule, and sleep you should quit social media to free yourself from addiction and improve your performance in life in general. If you’re not addicted and dependent to social media, you go to social media only to post positive stuffs about world and life to influence society; etc you shouldn’t have to quit it.

  19. Addiction is one of the main things that leads to our downfall. We should be in control of our lives not someone or something else. If you’re addicted to social media and its distracting you from your studies, daily schedule, and sleep you should quit social media to free yourself from addiction and improve your performance in life in general. If you’re not addicted and dependent to social media, you go to social media only to post positive stuffs about world and life to influence society, etc; you shouldn’t have to quit it.

  20. I try to stay away from social media as best I can, but to say it’s an inherently bad thing is to overlook its value in keeping people in touch from long distances and getting prompt updates on the efforts of businesses. I myself mostly only use stuff like twitter and youtube to view images and videos I find interesting, so the cross communication aspects may be lost on me, but I still think it’s a good thing to have available for those who need it to stay close to distant relatives and friends.

  21. I don’t have social media and I enjoy it. I like using the internet for information mostly and never quite enjoy the way social media functions. I enjoy having some type of privacy, and never felt the need to interact in the social media world.

  22. To be honest social media has become such a huge part of people’s lives now in days. I remember when I was younger, I wasn’t really allowed to have any type of social media. Now in days it’s like everyone has some sort of social media, wether it is Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. I’ve tried leaving social media in general and I think I’ve achieved it for the most part; but when I get bored and I have nothing to do or nothing to “lurk” on well, I just get very bored. Up to a certain level I think social media has gained a bit of control in our lives if we don’t use it wisely. Sometimes we can even become addicts to social media. Take for example my mom! Jesus that lady is on Facebook almost 24/7, I’m glad she still gets her priorities done first though. I don’t know sometimes I feel like social media is a huge distraction in my life. Sometimes I even want to get rid of it, but I feel like I need to find another distraction first lol.

  23. I’m not someone who uses social media,I think that there is a harm that comes with using social media but there is also benefits. Social media could be all consuming, there is a addictive quality to it for many. There is also some behavior issues attributed to social media, mostly when it comes to small children and teenagers. Social media does have the potential to have individual withdrawals from society. However, there are benefits to social media, becoming connected and social with others, a form of communication with friends and family. I would definitely be able to give up social media.

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