right or left eye dominant?

Name: Maryam Maryam(Math 1275)

In our psychology class we are learned about the CNS(Central Nervous System). I love psychology. When we were learning about the brain, our Prof. told us that we are left or right eyed, just like we are with the brain. I personally felt it was cool. So I would like to share the technique(to find out if you are left or right eyed) with you. ENJOY!!!!

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Courtesy of reddit user ElementK.(photograph)

  • With both eyes open, look through the triangle and center something such as a doorknob in the triangle. like shown in the above picture.
  • Close your left eye. If the object remains in view, you are right eye dominant. If closing your right eye keeps the object in view, you are left eye dominant.”

3 thoughts on “right or left eye dominant?”

  1. A trick I learned is to pick something in front of you, not to far away, no more than 10ft. With both eyes open, point your index finger of your strong hand at the object. Keep your finger pointed at the object and slowly close one eye and then the other. With your dominant eye, your finger will not move. When you have your weak eye open, the object will appear to have moved and your finger will appear to have moved.

  2. After doing this technique I found that I was right eye dominate. I then did some researched and learned that 80 of people are right eye dominate. This is particularly helpful to know if you play any sports that require shooting target like archery. Left eyed people should shoot with their left hand and right eyed people should shoot with their right hand to improve their aim.

  3. This is a really interesting technique and incredibly fun, I tried the techniques and it shows that I am left eye dominate. I think that’s it’s interesting that I’m left eye dominant since, I usually assume that I would be right eye dominated since I’m right handed. It would be interesting to see if there is any difference with a person with glasses.

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