I am Yanfei Wu. It is my second semester in Citytech. It is brand new for me to write some in Openlab as a blog. This is an interesting learning style to me , Because I am a new immigrate here, I have to learn different kinds of new study ways, and how to connect the class and online stuff. It is a good way to know more information not only the class.

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  1. This is my first semester in city tech and like you I am trying to learn how the school functions. The idea of Openlab is interesting and a good chance to learn anything from anyone. Its like opening a snapple, reading the cap and them talking to a group of people about it. Its almost like things doesnt have to be all academic all the time. We can talk and learn from each other. Could be things to make our lives easier like new study habits, how to manage time or even de-stress. I look forward to other posts this semester.

  2. Hey this is also my first semester in city tech and also my very first time trying out open lab. i agree that this is actually very interesting and fun to use since you get to see and know other peoples opinions and communicate with people you may not know of. Its a great way of getting to know other students.

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