Community Service

Greater New York Dental meeting 2017 

I gave oral hygiene instructions by demonstrating how to brush their teeth using Fones tooth brushing method to middle school children as a part of Colgate’s Greater NY Smiles at Greater NY Dental meeting in 2017. Now, these middle school children learned the right way to effectively remove plaque and debris to maintain good oral hygiene through my demonstration.


Give Kids a Smile at Ronald Edmunds Middle School 

I had the opportunity to be a part of conducting oral screenings on children with autism at the Ronald Edmunds Learning Center. I conducted these oral screenings using a flashlight and tongue depressor. I also applied fluoride varnish to some children who were more cooperative. This hands-on experience enriched my understanding of how to manage a patient that is on the spectrum.

J.H.S 202 Robert H. Goddard

My fellow classmates and I did a presentation for a middle school class on the benefits of mouth rinse and how it can prevent cavities.  As a team, we educated the children through entertaining methods appropriate for this age group in order for them to remember what we taught. I asked questions for the children to answer about mouth rinse after the presentation and this reinforced what we taught about mouth rinse.

Below is the powerpoint presentation used:

Head Start Varnish Program at Glenwood Preschool 

At the Head Start center in Glenwood, I had the pleasure of conducting oral screenings, educating, and applying fluoride varnish for preschoolers. I also educated the preschoolers about healthy food vs. junk food that could cause cavities through a picture board.