Dental Hygiene A.A.S. 2018

Research Projects

Histology and Embryology Presentation on Xerostomia

For my histology and embryology class, I presented on xerostomia. This presentation includes the effects of this condition on the patients’ oral health, the etiology, and treatment options. Below are some of the slides from the presentation. As a clinician, learning about xerostomia and the etiologies, I can adjust my treatment plan and recommend appropriate options and advice for the management of this condition.

Spring Wellness Fair research table on the “Benefits of Coconut Oil on Tooth decay and Gingivitis”

My research team and I were curious about a holistic method to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis so we researched about coconut oil. Even though there weren’t many publications and peer-reviewed papers on this topic, we still managed to find invitro clinical studies that prove the antibacterial properties of coconut oil. As a clinician, I would recommend this holistic rinse to my patients who are looking for a more “natural” alternative to fluoride mouth rinse or even teeth whitening. Below is the brochure that we created for this research project. ┬á











Oral Pathology Research paper on Central Hemangioma

For the oral pathology class, I researched on central hemangioma and it’s significance in dental hygiene.┬áAs a dental hygienist, I check for any abnormalities and asymmetries in the head and neck area. When conducting an extraoral/ intraoral exam, I can clinically observe a central hemangioma by the red-purple color and feel a soft mass as I palpate the area. It is important to know that this lesion is highly vascular and thereÔÇÖs a risk for uncontrollable hemorrhage. Below is a copy of my research paper and sources.


Public Health Paper On “Benefits of Mouth rinse on Prevention of Cavities”

My group and I collaboratively compiled a research paper including the background information on the pharmaceutical effects of fluoride mouth rinses and the steps in the community program planning for middle school students that we educated. I contributed the implementation section of this paper.

Public Health Paper