U Supermarkets commercial use of the French Song “La Vie En Rose”

The song used in the U Supermarkets commercial was not used properly. I assumed that the song was going to be used in the background but i only heard it at the end. I was paying attention if maybe the crying babies were supposed to sound like the song but I did not hear the song from the crying babies. I only  heard it clearly at the end of the commercial. The song was not heard enough and for me there was no point of putting any song in the commercial. To make the commercial better i think what needed to be done in the commercial is to make whatever is happening less powerful, too many things was happening to even pay attention to what song is playing in the background.

Cooper Hewitt Essay



This colorful photo really pops out to me because of the many colors of the buildings. In my eyes it’s like a painting. The clear blue sky is like a canvas and the building is are organized colors painted on it. The car ruins the photo for me but becuse it is blurred out it feels like it needs to be there to make it better. I was so interested into this photo that i had to search it up. I discovered that it was a school located on a city named Edcouch on Texas. The colorful building was shut down due to a hurricane that caused a lot of damage, but on 2014 it reopened.



Photographer: Ali Elai


Just by looking at this photo many things come to mind. This model is basically just stairs with head statues at the top. For example, one thing that comes to mind is a rich man’s house or a scene where a rich man walks down the stairs or maybe an evil character from a movie making a grand reveal. The statue of the head is small but creates a big part of the model by making not feel like it’s not empty. This model is simple but yet creative.





A big reason I chose this photo was because it actually made me feel something. A majority of the photo is just a clear sky with a really long white pole with a dark blue flag. I looked closely at this photo and realized it was the dessert with three water tanks. It wasn’t a really dry desert because of the trees behind it, just by looking at the photo I knew that there was absolutely nothing around the area of the photo taken. I read the description and as I predicted that there was nothing around the area. the description of the photo also said the reason there was water tanks was because the area is the Mexican Arizona border where many have died due to dehydration. Looking at this photo made me imagine as if I’m actually there with absolutely nothing around me which made me feel lonely.

Logo Analysis




The brand logo I chose to talk about is the logo for the brand named Alpha Industries. Not the new one (which is the current logo) but the logo that was first created which is basically the word Alpha with 3 stripes on top of the word.

During the Brand’s early years there was no need for the brand to have a strong logo, a logo to grab people’s attention. The main reason because they had a contract with the government and until the 1990s, the Brand Alpha Industries were not allowed to have their brand logos on their products.

The logo has three stripes and according to the Alpha Industries the word Alpha is actually over the three stripes and not under. Also the word Industries under the word Alpha.  The type font is not known exactly but it looks like it can be a typeface called “ITC Stone Sans.” The reason it has three stripes is because since the 1960s three stripes were used on almost all commercial jackets and maybe the brand Alpha Industries felt like it was only natural to have three stripes on their logo.

The logo was introduced in a shopping catalog that was published in 1988 which also had many of the brand’s new products. Throughout the years the company would change the colors of the logo on many of their different products. During the 1990s the company grew rapidly and instead the company started making their products for fashion and in 1992 the logo changed into its current new one which is called “The Flying A.”









“A Brand Logo Is Introduced.” Alphaindustries.com. Alpha Industries, n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.

Visual Quote Project

The quote my project is going to be based on is  “Make your dreams reality.” A lot of research was done to find who was the first to say the quote but no one was found.

Below are the first draft done:



Many changes were done after getting my work critiqued by my class and professor. One change to all of them was to take out the comma. On the first one with the basketball player, it was based on friend who at first could not dunk the ball in the basket and then months later actually could do it. The story goes well with the quote which is why i put the silhouettes to represent my friend with also a line in the middle to show its like a before and after but then decided i should take it out and make the guy in the left smaller. I took out the contrast on the ball and the word “Reality” so that then the word “Reality” could pop out more. Below is the outcome after the changes.




For the second concept I was also inspired by another friend who graduated from college after dropping out a couple of years before. I had a picture of a diploma with a graduation cap with the quote mostly on the picture of the diploma. After getting my work critiqued, I was shown that there was a lot of unused space on the left side and too crowded on the right side. So i decided that the part of the quote that said ” Make Your Dreams” which was on the graduation cap needed to be moved to the unused space on the left side. I also tried to fix the word “Reality” a little to make it appear better then before, i left the shadow on the word “Reality”  mainly because the graduation cap had a shadow.




For the third concept i had none of the ideas i had in my head working I ended up playing with different fonts, moving them around and then i had the top space fiilled with the word “Make Your” and enlarged the word “Dreams.” I placed “Dreams” in different areas and decided to place it under “Make Your.” I then had the idea of making it like a postcard, something to send to a family member or friend. I made the word “Reality” large and placed it on the side and then i naturally put lines under the words “Dreams” and “Reality” which worked out perfectly because it left space to put text, like an address. The only change i really did was taking out the comma and and fixing the space between the line and words.


Art Book Design Process

Hector Martinez
Professor Marianna Trofimova
COMD 1100
Art book Design Process

For my artbook “OP Illusions” the whole concept was to have a book of optical illusions or in other words eye illusions. The whole idea came to me when I told myself that this was the last project and I needed to find a subject that I will actually enjoy working on. Many ideas came to mind but while looking over my past projects the one I realized I enjoy doing was the Gestalt project. Specifically the similarity concept which actually inspired the first two pages which was to figure out which figure out if one circle surrounded by same size circles is actually the a different size then a circle that is surrounded by bigger size circles.
Before I actually came up with the idea Professor Trofimova took the class on a field trip to a bookstore called Printed Matter. After arriving to Printed Matter we looked around, looking at other  books. The one book that stood out to me was “The Unspeakable Freedom Device” by Jennet Thomas. The way this book was colored actually inspired the way the front and back. For the first and second page I used the color wheel to decide what color each circle would be so that the illusion was more enhanced.
For the second and last illusion I had not decided what to do at the time. I had many ideas but most didn’t work out when I sketched them out. I decided to again look at the Gestalt project but this time I used the concept of similarity with lines and shapes. After making very rough sketches it didn’t come out as good as I thought it would  so I did them on the computer and the illusion turned out  alot better. The second illusion the panda was actually made using lines and only from a distance would the viewer see it. The last illusion was when the viewer stared in the middle and without moving their eye everything around the blank space would move.
I actually thought the execution was good but really I had a lot of stuff to fix and could make some stuff better. After getting opinions from the professor and classmates I fixed the alignments and sizes of text I had in the art book.
Overall this presentation of this art book is good I made sure cover of the book is interesting. The title text also has a illusion. When looked closer at each letter they have an illusion where you are not sure if the letters are coming from the left or the right. The making of this art book was really fun and very interesting to do even after i was done i wanted to add more.

Art Book Design Process

Brooklyn Museum Experience

Hector Martinez’s Experience

Project 1

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