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– In the message box, type the name of your favorite musician in CAPS and BOLD.
– INSERT a picture for your selected artist (800 pixels wide)
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Oluwasegun Atolagbe – Music Site


Bukola Elemide, known by her stage name Asa (pronounced Asha), is a Nigerian-French singer, songwriter and performer. The pop and jazz musician also sings indie-pop style as well. Asa is one of the most revered musicians in Nigerian because her style is unique and gives music enthusiasts something different to listen to as opposed to the mainstream songs.


Iruele Lacerna Music Site


YUC’e (pronounced Yusie) is a Japanese Musician who specializes in EDM, particularly a genre called Future Bass. Her music, though being quite variable in tone, is considerably energetic, which is likely why her music was able to top the charts of Spotify back in 2016. Though she performs most often in Tokyo, Japan (her place of residence), she has also come to America and performed live in Chicago and at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and has demonstrated the ability to speak English rather well.


Shain Hodzic Music Site


Zillakami is an artist from NYC, he is known for his trap-metal fusion style and the punk aspects that he brings to his music, he has been creating music since 2017, and he has been one of my favorite artists since I’ve heard of him in 2018, I’ve met him a few times and been to his concerts and he’s by far my favorite artist!