Author: Hugo Sanchez

Hugo Sanchez – MIDTERM


FIFA 22 is a multiplayer soccer game where you can play with your friends online or against other players around the world. The main mode in this game is Ultimate Team. You can build your squad and earn rewards in online competitions. The better the rewards, the better players you will get. Play against your friends using local teams in Kickoff mode or your own squads in Ultimate Team.

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Hugo Sanchez – Pixel Character


Novice is the basic character you start with in Geometry Dash. Novice is my favorite character because it looked so simple and was free for everyone that started playing the game. I also like Novice’s game color which is a mix of yellow and orange. As you move to new levels you’ll unlock new characters but you’ll never forget the first character you started with just like in many other games.


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Hugo Sanchez – Peace Message

Peace is what we all need so we can live our lives to the fullest. Without peace we can’t enjoy something great because we will be worried about other things. For instance, the war in Ukraine has caused many families to worry for their loved ones. They may not be able to sleep in peace knowing that their loved ones could lose their lives at any moment. “El tiempo es mi doctor” means time is my doctor. Time is one of the greatest things in our lives and as time passes better things are coming. Hopefully that’s the case with the war and it ends soon so we can all live in peace.


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