In the text “A talk to teacher” by James Baldwin, he basically states how America has been through a lot of ups and downs. For instance, in the text it states “that just as American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it, so is the world larger, more daring, more beautiful and more terrible.” This demonstrates that America has been through good and difficult situations. What stood out to me most was the part where he stated “that he has the right and the necessity to examine everything,” because I strongly agree that one should be able to have the right to explore their own interests. What I wasn’t taught in school but wished to learn is dealing with your typical teenage mental health. Furthermore, how to have a more positive mind set and how to deal with negativity among people because I feel like teenagers go through a lot that isn’t really talked about. Secondly, I wished I was taught more life tips such as taxes, finances, or anything that will come up in everyone’s life eventually. I feel like that would help way more than learning about y=mx+b in math because I haven’t used y=mx+b in my life at all and I don’t think that will ever become necessary in one’s life. Being taught finances can be beneficial to one because one can learn how to budget their money, and be smart with it or even learn how stocks work so maybe one can become financially successful. Finances can also be beneficial to learn because everyone is going to eventually pay taxes and learning the process would help a lot throughout one’s life because when it’s their turn to pay taxes, they would have no problem dealing with it or understanding it.