In the text “A talk to teacher” by James Baldwin he covered mostly that educators are responsible for combating racism in America and giving Black children the tools they need to continue the battle for justice.  Which he feels like the goal or tools that they should be using of education is to equip students with the skills necessary to think critically, make independent decision, and also decide for themselves whether something is black or white.  From my reading and coming to an understanding he claims that in order to effectively combat the issue of racism in America, students must raise their level of consciousness and struggle for equality. Because he feels like as if like we are not being thought the way we’re suppose to, which is very cruel because people learn very different than other’s, and us not being thought the right way is selfish. Because we are learning about certain things and not everything, basically like gate kipping.  In my reading something that really stood out to me when he said “No society is actually eager to have that kind of individual around; what societies really, desire is a populace that will just respect the laws of the society.” This line really stood out to me because, one thing I am realizing while reading this line is that in most case the society in general think of us as toys. People who don’t/can’t stand for themselves and will never say no, where they just follows order and accept everything as it is, is actually what society desires/looking for.  According to him, he thinks if everyone were just to take good responsibility and challenge society, some things or most things would’ve changed for once. In my opinion I think we need to revolt against society in order to change it. Because most likely listening to the society thoughts would only make things worst, we cannot let society keep us quiet.