James Baldwin in his speech was talking about the American nation, the big picture about race. Baldwin talks about how African Americans were really percieved, what that meant to him, and what people should do about it. What stood out to me the most in Baldwin’s speech is when he states “because if I am not what I’ve been told I am, then it means that you’re not what you thought you were either! And that is the crisis.”  This shows that just because someone may call you this or picture you as this, it doesn’t define who you are. You define who you are and who ever thinks otherwise then they don’t know who they truly are. In school there are set topics for you to learn about and that are mandatory however, we all wish that we could have learned about a topic that we found interest in or that we find important. Now even though this is unrelated from Baldwin’s speech I wish I would have been taught more about the financial part of life and how to connect with others. Specifically what I want to know about finances is how do you budget your day-to-day life, how can you budget your finances into different categories. I learned a little about this in economics my senior year of high school however, I would like to dig in deeper. The other topic I want to know more about is networking. Networking is very important especially in today’s society, this is how people land jobs, internships, make new friends, discover new oppurtinities, etc. I just want to learn more about where can I find these types of people or websites to benefit me. I want to learn more about these topics because they will greatly benefit me, it will teach how to save money, invest money, etc and will help gain new oppurtinities and meet new people.