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The Education Narrative Genre Homework

From what I have seen so far the ingredients of the education narrative genre are that you need to talk about yourself and things that have happened to you in your life that have had a big impact on who you are today and how now you may think differently. A good place to start my own education narrative is when I was still leaving in the Dominican Republic because how I use to live there have a big impact on who I am today and how I value more all the opportunities that I get here in the United State. Also, I think that by starting my story in DR a lot of people will relate to it because like me I have a lot of friends that have gone throw the same thing as me, leaving one of your parents that you have lived 13 years with is hard. When I was 13 years old I needed to leave my mom and come to live with my dad and her wife, at first it was not easy because I didn’t have lived with my dad before and didn’t know how he was as a father, but my mom always told me that he only wants the best for me. The question that I have is, When are we going to start writing?  Are we going to write then in class?  How much time are we going to get?  How long does it need to be? and Do we need to talk about a situation in our life?

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  1. Carrie Hall

    Eduard, we’ll talk about all of these questions– but I think that is a great thing to write about– what a powerful story.

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